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Delta Airlines Bans Guns Checked on Flights to DC Leading Up To Stolen Inauguration

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- Flying commercial airlines into the Washington DC area:

Delta Airlines has just announced that passengers may not fly with guns (in checked baggage and otherwise within TSA regulations) on any of its flights into the “Washington DC area”

This certainly includes DCA (Washington National, also called Washington Reagan), and likely includes IAD (Washington, Dulles), BWI (Baltimore), and PHL (Philadelphia), maybe others.

Other commercial airlines, particularly American, have not yet announced, but will probably follow this trend.

The cover-story is that this restriction will last only through next week’s inauguration, but many believe it will be permanent.

For those of us who routinely fly with guns in checked baggage, I have always recommended shunning Delta and American like the Plague, no matter where you’re going.

South West is best. United, Alaskan, and Frontier are tolerable.

I don’t fly any of the “boutique” airlines, so I’m unable to comment on them.

Travel Armor cases meet all TSA regulations and are recommenced.

On the broader question of the inauguration ceremony in DC itself, I’m pretty sure the whole thing will be televised, for the benefit of anyone who actually wants to watch it. A TV screen in CO is as close as I, for one, want to get!

Physically being anywhere in the DC area at that time, or near any state capitol for that matter, I think is a very bad idea!

Traveling anywhere next week is probably a bad idea!


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