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Devoted 2A Hater Laura Kelly Wins Kansas Governorship

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Kansas – -(AmmoLand.com)- If you were watching election returns come in Wednesday night, you probably already have this image permanently burned in your memory. We do.

As we’ve told you before, Laura Kelly — the next Governor of Kansas — is a sworn enemy of the 2nd Amendment.

Left unchecked, Laura Kelly’s policies will:

  • Leave law-abiding adults under the age of 21 defenseless
  • Leave law-abiding adults on college campuses defenseless
  • Leave law-abiding adults on some state-owned properties defenseless
  • Strip Kansans of their constitutional due process rights
  • Laura Kelly was endorsed by Michael Bloomberg’s gun control lobby, and she wasn’t afraid to voice her disdain for your 2nd Amendment rights on the debate stage:

As a Senator, Laura Kelly voted to take away your ability to defend yourself because she didn’t think you deserved to exercise that right. As Governor, Laura Kelly will oppose our 2nd Amendment rights even more furiously.

It’s up to you to stop her.

A decade ago, our 2nd Amendment freedoms were under deadly attack in Kansas. No constitutional carry. No campus carry. No concealed carry. None were more than a dream. That all changed when your Kansas State Rifle Association, dedicated champions of the 2nd Amendment, and people just like you stepped up and took action. We live in a state with incredible freedom for the 2nd Amendment today as a result.

But yesterday’s election could change all of that in a heartbeat.

Not only does Laura Kelly want to restrict your right to keep and bear arms in specific circumstances, she has gone out of her way to pander to the anti-gun Bloomberg lobby.

Rest assured: Laura Kelly will do everything in her power to eliminate any progress we have made over the past decade.

Not on our watch.

Your Kansas State Rifle Association is committing today to fight relentlessly to preserve the rights we have as Kansans.

2018 Kansas Governor's Race Results
2018 Kansas Governor’s Race Results

Our commitment is more than words on a page. As the Kansas affiliate of the National Rifle Association, we know what it’s like to be called names and opposed at every turn.

  • We won’t back down under pressure.
  • We won’t give up when times are tough.
  • We won’t compromise to get along with those in power.

This election for Governor may have set us back, but it hasn’t crushed us. Kansas is still a pro-2nd Amendment state, and we still know what it takes to win. Yesterday alone, 89% of NRA-endorsed Kansas state House candidates won. THAT’S HUGE! Not only that, our endorsed candidates won other statewide offices, 3 out of 4 congressional seats, and crushed the competition in the only Kansas Senate seat on the ballot.

We’re committing today to push our way forward to defend the freedoms each of us hold dear, but we need you to join us.

About Kansas State Rifle Association:

The Kansas State Rifle Association has one purpose. To promote and strive for the improvement and protection of the firearms and sport shooting industry and protection of second amendment principals by encouraging and stimulating well-qualified individual citizens to run for public office and to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. Visit: www.ksraweb.net

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