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Etymotic’s Electronic Earplugs Catch on with Hunters and Gun Sports Enthusiasts

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.

Elk Grove Village, IL -(Etymotic’s GunSport PRO electronic earplugs are rapidly gaining popularity with gun sport enthusiasts.

These tiny marvels resist movement from a firearm’s recoil, and provide comfort on the run, which are proving to be compelling attributes.

Outdoor Life Magazine raves, “Get a pair of these in-ear noise-canceling earplugs and watch hearing acuity improve. The little units amplify sound up to five times, but switch to noise-canceling units when a blast occurs. And, they are much more natural looking than either oversized muffs or those orange foam plugs.”

Active circuitry allows the wearer to hear naturally as if nothing is in the ears.

Adding electronic hearing protection to one’s arsenal isn’t new. Hunters and marksmen have long been using passive earplugs and over-the-ear style hearing protectors. However, an inability to communicate while wearing some of these products, and the instability of bulky headphone-style muffs on the head, are clearly impediments. For these reasons, Etymotic’s in-ear electronic earplugs have distinct advantages.

Properly sealed in the ear, electronic earplugs don’t move around. More importantly, it’s their ability to automatically amplify for better situational awareness, protect against continuous loud noise and blasts, and pass through normal sound that make Etymotic’s GunSport PRO electronic earplugs a particularly good choice for hunters and sport shooters.

For more, go to etymotic.com.

About Etymotic:

Etymotic is a research, development and manufacturing company that designs high-fidelity audio products and hearing wellness solutions to assess, enhance and protect hearing. For over 30 years, innovation and education have been central to Etymotic’s mission. Etymotic is one of the most respected leaders in high-fidelity audio and hearing conservation.

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