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Everytown Narrator’s Fan Girl Threatens Star’s Critics with Gun Photo

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

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USA – -(Ammoland.com)- A fan obsessed with “Pretty Little Liars” (and new Everytown video) star Troian Bellisario, posted a photo on social media threatening the actress’ critics with a gun. Attempting to access the Twitter account of “Marie” (last name undetermined at this writing), who goes by the handle “@MyQueenTroian,” currently results in a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” message:

Sorry, the internet doesn’t forget.

Bellisario narrated the video on closing the so-called “Boyfriend Loophole,” calling for adding the nebulous category of “dating partners” to the pool of those eligible to be disarmed along with spouses and family members for “domestic violence” (see AmmoLand report here). That charge has in the past resulted in citizens becoming “prohibited persons” based on misdemeanor “horror stories” and restraining orders prior to trials and convictions, that is, being punished by having a fundamental right denied without due process.

“Me if anyone ever tries to say that Troian doesn’t love her fans,” @MyQueenTroian wrote for a photo of her holding a gun (scroll down at link)and looking threateningly at the camera. Curiously, she posted that one day after she retweeted the Everytown video.

The post was recovered using Google webcache. It was discovered by WarOnGuns correspondent “Mack H” in response to a post Marie made after the initial Bellisario report, in which she expressed her feelings about what she perceived as an attack on her “queen”:

Expletive deleted: Sanitized for your protection.

The trail to Marie began with another Bellisario fan girl, “Cheray,” who posted a comment under the AmmoLand piece asserting she “can give you over a 1,000 examples about [the actress] being the most inspirational women.” She didn’t see any irony between championing free expression and hoping for this correspondent to be “fired” and for this website to be removed for objecting to her entertainment idol’s role in promoting male disarmament:

Stop trying to bring women down, let us speak out mind. This is a free country and according to the constitution the first amendment clearly states , “freedom of speech”. This article was totally unnecessary and I hope you get fired and your website will be taking down.

That “coincidentally” is being promoted by @CherayBrown, who posted a screenshot of the comment on Twitter as well as linked to the (now-removed) @MyQueenTroian response:



While no one is suggesting that either Bellisario or Everytown had any control over comments posted by fans and supporters, it is undeniably ironic. It’s also, some could argue, indicative of the types of people swayed by celebrities stumping for “progressive” political candidates and citizen disarmament

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