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Fear & Loading: Biased Reporting

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The Chicago media launched a witch hunt after there were no charges leveled on the law-abiding citizen in Chicago—with one of those relatively new carry permits for Illinois—who killed an armed robber as he pointed a gun at store employees on Halloween.

How’s this for a Chicago Tribune headline? “Customer with a concealed carry license kills armed robber; 6 more shot.” The poorly phrased non-sequitur sounds as if the law-abiding citizen harmed half-dozen witnesses, but the six other victims were in different incidents, nowhere near the attempted robbery.

The police call it a “slippery slope” when a lawful citizen with a gun saves lives, according to this Associated Press report. Naturally, the claim isn’t balanced with a single pro-gun fact, like the training and additional background checks required to qualify for a concealed-carry permit—all available on-line, so there is no tight-deadline excuse.

Also of note, “…the case is under review by local prosecutors, but the preliminary details suggest that the customer was not at fault.” Maybe it’s just me, but “suggest” in that sentence feels a little like “suggestive” editorializing. People suggest, evidence indicates and gauges read.

Then we have to hear from the family of the man who died in the failed robbery. His stepson told reporters in a follow-up story that his father—out on bond for an Oct. 23 incident with a previous arrest for robbery—didn’t own a gun and, “Somebody’s got to answer…” for the shooting. Despite the Windy City having some of the most restrictive gun laws on the books—often cited as a blueprint for gun control—criminals with illegal guns continued to claim victims on Halloween weekend and the lawlessness didn’t slow Nov. 2 and 3.

Thoughts and prayers go out to that law-abiding citizen with a concealed-carry permit who proved the toll can be reduced. Readers here understand there was no other choice, but the flood of emotions and biased “reporting” he’s enduring right now has to feel suffocating. I hope they subside quickly, that you and your family recover, and your anonymity remains intact from a biased media.

Article by Guy Sagi

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