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First Look: Anderson Manufacturing AM-10 Breacher

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Anderson Manufacturing of Hebron, KY, is adding the AM-10 Breacher Pistol to its family of second-generation AM-10 .308 Win. AR-pattern firearms.

Truman Brough, a Process Engineer at Anderson Manufacturing, explains how the addition of the new pistol brings versatility to the Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 family. “The Breacher perfectly rounds out the AM-10 lineup with a compact firearm that packs a punch,” he said. “Inspired by short barrel variants of battle rifles used by armed forces worldwide, the Breacher offers the power of a full-size cartridge in a lightweight, compact package. Equip this AM-10 with your favorite sights, and you have a handy ‘do-it-all’ firearm that’s ready for almost anything,” Brough said.

The AM-10 Breacher Pistol is built around a 12.5-inch-long, 1:10-inch twist 4150 steel CMV .308 caliber barrel with a a government profile or contour profile and a low profile gas block. The large-format pistol also uses a mid-length direct impingement gas system. The upper and lower receivers are both constructed from 7075-T6 aluminum and have Type 3 black hard anodizing. The Breacher’s bolt carrier is machined from 8620 steel and the bolt itself from 9310 steel. The entire bolt carrier group and the 12.5-inch barrel are both finished in a black nitride finish.  The AM-10 Breacher pistol ships out of the box with a Magpul K2 pistol grip and an 11.5-inch Stable-Lok M-Lok handguard. A single 20 round .308 size Magpul PMAG 20 magazine is also included. Due to the fact the Breacher is a large format pistol, it ships with an SB Tactical SBA3 Pistol Stabilizing brace instead of a stock. The AM-10 Breacher pistol weighs approximately eight pounds empty.

The AM-10 Breacher Pistol has an MSRP of $1000. For more information on this pistol or other firearms in the Anderson AM-10 Gen 2 series, please visit their website at andersonmanufacturing.com.



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