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First Look: ETS Carbon Smoke Magazine

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ETS (Elite Tactical Systems) Group is releasing a new line of Carbon Smoke polymer magazines for popular carbines and handguns. These aftermarket magazines are made from a “smoky” tinted polymer that is resistant to heat, ultraviolet radiation and harsh chemicals. Carbon Smoke series magazines are impact resistant and also include critical features such as non-tilt followers and creep resistant feed lips. Though the polymer bodies are “smoky and hazy” they are still transparent enough for shooters to be able to clearly see the condition of the magazine and how many or what type of cartridges remain loaded.

With the average price of an ETS Group Carbon Smoke polymer magazine coming in at around $14.49 retail, these magazines make for affordable aftermarket options for training and range use, given the fact that factory magazines are often times sold at premium prices. With the cost of ammunition on the rise, it can be challenging for many to train regularly with the gear they carry for personal protection and/or use to defend their homes and businesses. Unfortunately, magazines are also wear items since they rely on a strong spring to feed ammunition into the breech of a firearm. As such, wear items must be replaced periodically for utmost reliability, so the idea of affordable aftermarket magazines makes a lot of sense.

ETS Group has their Carbon Smoke polymer magazines available in different sizes and capacities for popular cartridges of the following gunmakers most popular model offerings:

  • SIG Sauer
  • Glock
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Heckler & Koch pistols
  • Heckler & Koch MP-5
  • CZ Evo

Carbon Smoke polymer magazines include ETS Group’s lifetime warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. These magazines are also made in the United States of America in their brand new, recently built manufacturing facility. For more information on ETS Group and their aftermarket magazine options, please visit www.etsgroup.us.


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