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First Look: New Ammunition From Speer And CCI

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Speer and CCI, subsidiaries of Vista Outdoor Group, are rolling out two brand new ammunition products this year.

The first is CCI’s new Clean-22 Hyper Velocity .22 LR cartridge. This new rimfire cartridge has a muzzle velocity of approximately 1,550 fps and uses a purple colored, polymer coated projectile that not only acts as a bullet jacket but also reduces the amount of fouling inside the bore. Rimfire guns are particularly susceptible to this problem when shooting traditional lead or copper-jacketed rimfire ammunition, and can be even more challenging when shooting a .22LR firearm for extended periods with a suppressor.

New from Speer is the Gold Dot G2 Carbine 9mm round. This new 135 grain 9mm load is optimized for use defensive use with pistol caliber carbines to deliver peak velocities when used with longer barrels. Pistol caliber carbines have been increasingly popular over the past few years and provide some advantages in certain situations over rifle caliber carbines. The G2 bullet is filled with an elastometer compound to aid in penetration while also preventing the hollow cavity of the meplat from becoming jammed with debris when it impacts the target.

“We are extremely proud of these two new product introductions,” said Jesse Whiteside, CCI and Speer’s Product Management Senior Director. “For the first time ever, defenders can get Speer Gold Dot’s legendary accuracy and terminal performance in ammunition built specifically for carbine platforms. Also, CCI rimfire shooters can now get all the benefits of Clean-22 technology with the flat trajectories and power of an extreme velocity load.”

For more information on this ammunition or other products from CCI and Speer, please visit cci-ammunition.com or speer.com.



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