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First Look: Nosler Suppressors

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Nosler is taking a bold and innovative step and has introduced a new line of Nosler Suppressors. The new Nosler Suppressor line is specifically designed for shooters who use today’s centerfire rifles. The initial offerings include two families that total four models that incorporate cutting edge materials, features and manufacturing methods.

“Hearing protection is a critical part of shooting firearms safely, but traditional methods such as plugs and muffs can be challenging to use in the field. I’ve used these models for several big game hunts in a variety of conditions, not to mention many range sessions and they have impressed me at every turn. I am confident they will impress you, too.” John Nosler, President.

The all-titanium family of suppressors from Nosler weighs in at just over 13 ounces and includes the the .22-caliber SR-22Ti and .30-caliber SR-30Ti. These suppressors are designed to strike an ideal balance between size and weight, yet still provide exceptional durability and sound mitigation.

The hybrid aluminum/titanium family has two models, the .22-caliber 22-ALTi and .30-caliber 30-ALTi. Both suppressors weigh just 9 ounces and are engineered to offer a balance of size, light weight, and sound mitigation.

Both Nosler Suppressor families use an innovative modular design that attaches the baffle stack to the blast chamber with an exterior jam nut. Nosler suppressors are simple to disassemble for ease of maintenance, cleaning, or replacement of key parts. All four models attach over the Nosler Muzzle Brake, and they also can connect via direct thread with the included thread adapter. The suppressors are compatible with 5/8-24 (30 caliber models) and 1/2-28 (22 caliber models) threaded muzzles.

MSRP for the titanium .22-caliber SR-22Ti suppressor is $899.99 and the .30-caliber SR-30Ti has an MSRP of $949.99 The aluminum and titanium .22-caliber 22-ALTi has an MRSP of $649.99 and .30-caliber 30-ALTi has an MSRP of $699.99

To learn more about the Nosler Suppressor line and other products from Nosler, please visit nosler.com.


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