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First Look: Rival Arms X1 Micro Reflex Sight

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Rival Arms out of northern Texas is releasing a new 3 MOA mini red dot electronic sight using the popular Trijicon RMR base footprint. The X1 Micro Reflex Red Dot Sight is notable in that this is Rival Arms’ first offering in the electro-optics category as it is branching out from its core of precision components for the DIY firearms enthusiast.

The X1 Micro Reflex Sight has an IPX7 water resistance rating and features a 29mm by 17 mm multi coated objective lens. Digital push button brightness settings allow the user to quickly choose one of the ten different brightness intensity options to suit their unique needs. Adjustment for elevation and windage are based of one MOA increments and no special tools are required to tweak and toggle these adjustments, as the dials just feature a large “flathead” styled slot. A user could use anything from the edge of a coin to the edge of a spent casing to make those necessary tweaks. The battery is easily accessed on the top of the housing in such a way that does not require the unit to be dismounted, avoiding any disturbance of its zero settings. The X1 Micro Reflex includes automatic waking and sleeping modes to further maintain battery life.

Though the X1 was designed around the Trijicon RMR footprint, Rival Arms will also ship their units with an optional Picatinny rail adapter base as the X1 Micro Reflex Sight can also be paired with rifles or shotguns. Even other handguns which cannot take a red dot sight module directly on their slide or which use alternative mounting solutions such as an ALG Six Second mount for a Glock, for example, could also be paired with the X1 Micro Reflex Sight.

The X1 Micro Reflex Sight retails for $329.99. For additional information on the new X1 Micro Reflex Sight from Rival Arms or any of Rival Arms’ precision-manufactured firearm components and accessories, please visit rival-arms.com.




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