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Getting Rid Of Federal Gun-Free Zones

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland – I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools, and — you have to — and on military bases. My first day, it gets signed, okay? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones,” said Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

This is a great start! Free citizens deserve the right to have a fighting chance to save their own lives without fear of being imprisoned, just because they have the capability to effectively fight back against armed evil-doers.

However, there are many other “gun free zones” besides the two mentioned above. Some examples are:

  • U.S. Post Offices
  • Federal land owned by the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Federal land owned by the TVA
  • Federal park buildings
  • Federal libraries
  • Federal museums
  • Federal visitor centers

These federal victim zones should not be a difficult issue to correct by allowing licensed citizens to carry firearms in them, if these same citizens can also be trusted to carry in public schools.

Army Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers federal land is a bigger issue than you may know. It has sparked more than one lawsuit.

There are several state parks across the country that lease and occupy federal COE land. In most of those states, although it is legal to carry firearms in their state parks on state owned land, the particular state parks that occupy COE land is strictly off-limits to firearms carry for self-defense, even though hunting on some of that same COE land is permitted by federal law. Ironic, isn’t it?

Red Top Mountain State Park
Red Top Mountain State Park

Here is the list of state parks in Georgia that is off-limits to carrying firearms for the purpose of self-defense:

  • Red Top Mountain
  • Seminole
  • George T. Bagby
  • Florence Marina
  • Tugaloo
  • Hart
  • Bobby Brown
  • Richard B. Russell
  • Elijah Clark
  • Mistletoe

I’d wager that many have carried their pistol at these parks all the while being unaware they were at risk of being incarcerated in federal prison. Folks, that just ain’t right.

Trump seems to understand that when people are able to defend themselves from evil-doers, the body count is greatly reduced. Unarmed, sitting ducks is going to be a thing of the past if he follows through on his promise if elected, AND if he acts accordingly with regard to the other “gun-free zones” listed above.

I’d like to hear what Trump plans to do about these other victim-rich zones.

So much so that I will write him and send him a link to this article. It would be very kind of you if you did the same, just to let him know we are all watching.

Seattle COE Building
Seattle COE Building

You can contact him using this form: https://www.donaldjtrump.com/contact.

About Phillip Evans:

The author is a self-defense rights advocate and member of the NRA, GeorgiaCarry.org, and FloridaCarry.org, and posts at PursuitOfPatriotism.Blogspot.com.

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