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Grey Man Tactical, Gear Organization Made Easy – Video Review

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- If you are into guns, it just seems like it goes hand in hand with having a bunch of gear. You’ve got your IFAK, plate carrier, get home gun, medical gear, mag holsters, roadside equipment, and all sorts of other tactical gear. The only issue is, most of the time it’s disorganized or placed in various spots throughout your vehicle. That is until now, this is Grey Man Tactical, and they make a system of rigid MOLLE panels and accessories to work with the panels, to help organize all of your gear. The panels are very adaptable to your individual needs and requirements.

Grey Man Tactical – Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE 12.5″ x 17″ 

Grey Man Tactical, Gear Organization Made Easy
Grey Man Tactical, Gear Organization Made Easy

The rigid MOLLE panels work on so many different applications; they can go vertically on the back of your front seats, or horizontally across the back seat if you have an SUV. Beyond that, they can even be adapted to go on a trunk lid, a wall, in a safe, a backpack; basically if you can dream it up, you can probably come up with the panels and parts to make your application work at greymantactical.com. The heart of the system is a hard polymer constructed panel allowing them to stay rigid, no matter how much gear is hanging off of the panels. Grey Man Tactical also proudly produces all of their products in the USA, so no chance of catching the ‘Rona from any of their products.

Ok, ok, I know the big question is how safe is a weapon-mounted to one of these panels? Most people who would seriously consider this product to hold a weapon already have a “get home gun” in a backpack tucked under the seat, and in all reality how safe is that? Another way to look at it would be like this; at my house I keep most of my guns in safes, and behind locked doors with alarms. Not to really stop a thief, because given enough time I think someone could get those guns, but really to slow them down. I basically have all of those precautions just to make it difficult enough that my hope is that before they get at my weapons either the police will arrive, I’ll meet them with a weapon, or they will leave in frustration. I will say that Grey Man Tactical has done the same thing; they’ve taken as many precautions as they possibly can to make it so difficult to steal a weapon off of one of their panels, that most thieves would just give up and move on.

Grey Man Tactical
Grey Man Tactical

One of the keys to this system is the locking Raptor picatinny rifle mount. The Raptor mounts to the Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE panel, then locks on to your rifles picatinny rail and holds the rifle in place. To lock on, you depress and it will grab hold; to release press and pull, and your rifle will release. By pressing the little button on top, you can lock the action holding the rifle in place and make it unable to be released. Another feature to help keep the honest, people honest is Grey Man Tactical has a cover for your rigid mounting plate and all the gear attached. This obviously keeps your gear out of sight and out of mind, and many times that is the greatest defense you can have. Lastly, you can attach your rigid mounting plates to your seat backs with metal locking cables. That is about every precaution you can possibly take to keep your gear safe, and it’s significantly better than a backpack on the floorboard.

Grey Man Tactical
Grey Man Tactical

Now, would I leave my weapon attached to this overnight, probably not. However, I guess that depends a lot on where your car is going to be parked overnight. But, I would definitely run a days worth of errands with a weapon mounted to one of rigid MOLLE panels with all of these precautions in place. For that one guy who says, well, if it is that hard to get your rifle off of the panel, it’s not going to be good in a situation where you need it quickly; that’s what your concealed carry gun is for. Use your pistol to get to your rifle, and it’s nice having a rifle that close instead of needing to get back to the house. In case you need some extra firepower, and you find yourself in a really unfortunate situation, sadly it does seem as if 2020 is full of unfortunate situations.

This is only one application of the Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE panels, and there are so many more. As I said earlier, they make panels that will adapt to virtually any application you can dream up. They have the hardware to mount the plates, and of course any accessory with MOLLE will attach to the plates. I especially like the vehicle application, as I know most people want to be prepared for an unexpected situation while driving.

Grey Man Tactical
Grey Man Tactical

I am always impressed when a product is developed that can provide this type of ingenuity, efficiency, and security in almost unlimited applications. I’m considering getting a few for my gun safe because I feel I could store more gear on one of these panels, than those inefficient door inserts that come on most gun safes.


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