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Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Saves the Day against man assaulting Female

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Just a couple of days ago, I wrote about Dallas Police Officer Richard Stewart, who was off duty, yet stopped and valiantly risked his life to stop an armed robber. Another report from the Lone Star state comes complete with video of a heroic act by a gun toting Good Samaritan who witnessed a female being assaulted by another man and stepped in to save the day.

Mistina Doland and her sister Lindsey Bryant were out in Southlake, near Dallas, Texas when they witnessed a man assaulting a female as they sat at an intersection. Donald dialed 911 as Bryant began to film the incident with her cell phone.

Here’s what Bryant caught:

Aaron Kreag is being hailed as hero after he saw what was taking place, pulled over, stepped out of his vehicle and drew his weapon. He pointed it at the man in the red car and the video shows him getting out of the vehicle with his hands up.

A few moments later, police cars arrive and the unidentified man, who had the courage to deal with the matter holstered his gun. Police took MacMichael Nwaiwu into custody.

“We expected crowds and long return lines, but we never expected to see that,” said Lindsey Bryant.

Her sister Mistina said, “It was intense not knowing whether bullets were going to start flying from either side of the street.”

The Daily Mail reports that Nwaiwu, 28, was arrested, charged with assault and booked at Keller Jail.

Police Chief Steve Mylett provided a statement on Facebook:

Today at approximately 1:35 p.m. Southlake police officers were dispatched to FM 1709 and Tower for an assault in progress. While en route additional calls were received by the dispatch center indicating another incident was occurring at that same location involving a man with a gun.

As officers arrived on scene they observed two men standing outside of their vehicles in the middle of the roadway. One man was pointing a firearm at another man.

Preliminary investigation revealed the individual with the firearm had observed an assault in progress inside a vehicle; specifically, a man physically assaulting his female front seat passenger. The witness, a concealed handgun license holder, believed the female passenger to be in imminent danger of a felony offense. When both vehicles stopped, the witness exited his vehicle and confronted the suspect of the assault at gunpoint. Vehicular traffic stopped in both directions on FM 1709 until police arrived. The suspect of the assault, identified as MacMichael Nwaiwu DOB 04/04/86 was arrested at the scene and transported to the Keller jail.

Due to the unusual circumstances in this case, the Southlake Police Department consulted with the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office to determine if the witness had committed any violations of law. Based on the available information at the scene, the District Attorney’s Office did not believe the witness violated any State law. The Southlake Police Department continues to investigate this incident and will work closely with the District Attorney’s Office until this investigation is closed.

While we commend this citizen’s willingness to get involved in order to protect a victim of crime, the Southlake Police Department does not encourage the public to expose themselves in such a manner. Instead, we strongly recommend citizens who witness a crime in progress to contact the local police department by dialing the police emergency number 911.

Stay Safe,
Chief Mylett

Kreag spoke to CBS Dallas following the incident and said that his first thought was that the man was going to kill the woman. “This large gentleman just pounding on this lady, closed fist you know multiple times and heavy heavy elbows to the face and neck,” he said.

Kreag, an Army veteran and concealed carry permit holder, was on a date with his wife to the movies when they witnessed what took place.

“I was yelling commands at him to stop assaulting her, stop assaulting her,” he said. “Then he turned his attention to the fire arm and was saying ‘don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me.’ I said I’m not going to shoot you, just stay still, don’t do anything crazy. The cops will be here any minute.”

“Then he turned his attention to the fire arm and was saying ‘don’t shoot me, don’t shoot me,'” Kreag added. “I said I’m not going to shoot you, just stay still, don’t do anything crazy. The cops will be here any minute.”

Watch the interview:

All I have to say is, isn’t that woman glad that Mr. Kreag didn’t act in the fashion that the Police Chief advised? Unlike Chief Mylett, I encourage citizens to become involved in protecting their fellow citizens. Was the female, who was being assaulted, just to be videoed without anyone intervening until the police got there? I would hope not. While I understand the police chief’s sentiments, I don’t agree with them and believe that the people are their own best defense against crime, not the police and certainly not government.

It seems that Ms. Bryant is with me. “I hope more people see this and are willing to go the extra mile for someone who like this woman, didn’t have a voice and couldn’t speak up for herself,” she said.


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