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Have You Been Hurt by Operation Choke Point?

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

Ammoland – There are many that still don’t know that the Obama administration is trying to put gun dealers out of business using federal banking restrictions.

The program known as Operation Choke Point cuts off banking for the firearm industry.

Tell your story at SHOT Show: call filmmaker Christopher Swainhart @ 859-866-8048.

He will be at SHOT Show this week filming a documentary to expose Operation Choke Point, and give a human face to the damage it is doing to our country. If you know of anyone that has been harmed by Operation Choke Point, please email [email protected] or call Chris directly at 859-866-8048 and he will bring national attention to your story. Your identity can be masked, or you can speak on the record.

Our company Resource Marketing is the 2nd amendment e-commerce specialist and can put any gun dealer who has run afoul of Operation Choke Point back into business.

If your business hasn’t been hurt yet by Choke Point, look for problems in 2016 as the Obama administration tries to put you out of business.

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