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Here’s what Happened when an Armed Mother of Two Confronted Three Teen Burglars

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An armed mother of two confronted three burglars as they attempted to break into her Georgia home on Friday evening.  Now, one of those teens was shot before they all fled the scene, only to be apprehended later.

The Local NBC affiliate reports:

According to DeKalb County’s Public Safety Director, Cedric Alexander, a female detention officer with the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office was in her home with her two kids, aged eight and 10, Friday night when three male suspects tried to kick in a door to the family’s basement.

The officer was alerted to the commotion by one of her son’s who heard the men trying to get in. Alexander says the men were coming up the basement stairs into the main living space of the Ellenwood home when the woman fired her gun at one of the suspects, striking him.

The suspect that was shot during the incident sustained a non-life threatening injury has been transported to the hospital, according to Alexander.

According to a neighbor, who spoke to reporter Tyisha Fernandes, there were two females who approached the house and knocked on the door, presumably to see if anyone was home.  The mother and sheriff’s employee was asleep and did not respond to the knock at the door.

However, around 10:30pm, the intruders broke into the home and that awakened the woman, who grabbed her gun, only to catch the men attempting to steal her television.  She took aim and shot at one of the burglars and hit him.

Neighbor Furaha Merrit said the she heard the shots come from the house.

“I just heard three shots, and they were loud like bang, bang, bang,” she told WSBTV.

The men then fled the scene, but police used K-9s to search for them.  They apprehended Vashaun Gavins, 18, Khalil Cooper, 18, and Christopher Stone, 19.

Police also discovered the television and several video games in the woman’s backyard.

Merrit does not believe that the men specifically targeted her neighbor, but said, “They just picked the wrong house.”

Indeed, as it a good thing for the people to be armed, especially mothers who have children to protect.  I’m glad this had a good outcome for this woman and her children.

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