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Holosun 509T Raises the Bar for Open Reflex Sight

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- The 509T open reflex sight is a staple in the Holoson line-up and for a good reason. Pistol owners love the lightweight, ultra-durable enclosed design. The 509T offers a “set it and forget it” sight that snaps into action when the shooter is ready. The incredible battery life and performance qualities make this sight a major tactical asset for any shooter.

Holosun incorporates the highest quality battery technology available into every sight offered. The 509T is no exception, and the battery will last for up to 50,000 hours. The solar failsafe adds a layer of security, ensuring shooters will always have a powered, active and effective sight. The convenient battery tray compartment also makes for easy replacement with a CR1632 model battery.

The entire unit is enclosed with a titanium housing that protects the super LED internal components by keeping the elements at bay. Multiple coatings are added for additional protection against dust and moisture. The durability is phenomenal, and the compact design makes for a natural extension of the pistol. Shooters will not notice a difference in grip or weight when holstering or gripping the pistol, as it weighs a mere 1.72 ounces.

Sight options include the 2 MOA Dot or 65 MOA Circle, giving the shooter options based on personal preference. It also includes 12 brightness settings for tactical shooting in different light conditions. Shooters can transition seamlessly between bright sun and dark corners while maintaining an ideal brightness setting. Additionally, the parallax free, unlimited eye relief prevents fatigue, allowing the shooter to maintain focus throughout the entire tactical event.

Holosun is proud to manufacture the best open reflex sights available, and the 509T excels in the field. The combination of performance, durability and integrated design features make this sight a major asset for any tactical pistol shooting scenario.

Holosun 509T Raises the Bar for Open Reflex Sight
Holosun 509T Raises the Bar for Open Reflex Sight


  • MRS: Circle Dot, Dot Only
  • Up to 50,000 Hours Battery Life
  • 12 Brightness Settings
  • Enclosed Design and Titanium Housing
  • Convenient Tray Battery Compartment
  • Parallax Free, Unlimited Eye Relief
Holosun HE503CU-GR Green Multi-Reticle Circle Dot 20mm Micro Reflex Sight w/ Solar Failsafe and Shake Awake – HE503CU-GR
Holosun HE403B-GR Green 2MOA Dot 20mm Micro Reflex Sight w/ Shake Awake – HE403B-GR
Holosun AACW1.4 1.4″ Absolute Co-Witness Mount – AACW1-4
Holosun AL1/3CW1.63 1.63″ Lower 1/3 Co-Witness Mount – AL1-3CW1-63
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Holosun Technologies, located in City of Industry, California, was established in 2013 by one of the industry’s most successful OEM manufacturers. Holosun is committed to creating innovative optic, laser/IR technologies that benefit a broad range of shooting, hunting, law enforcement, and military needs.

Over the course of the past decade, Holosun has been at the forefront of developing new sight technologies to fulfill a variety of shooting needs. Our product line includes innovations such as; 50,000 hr battery life, solar options, the ability to change reticles with the press of a button and IR/Laser units that utilize the most recent advancements in laser and LED technology. At Holosun, we pride ourselves on producing cutting-edge equipment with a competitive price that astounds the customer and the competition.

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