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Homosexual Gun Confiscation Group Protests AR-556 At Ruger Headquarters

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There was a time in our country when men acted like men and that sodomy was dealt with severely as a crime against nature.  Yep, all those great founding fathers we applaud dealt with it seriously.

Today, it’s “brave” and “cool” to engage in sodomy and lesbianism, even to the point that you can start your own gun confiscation group called “Gays Against Guns.”

There’s nothing “gay” about these people.  Depraved maybe, but not gay.

In any case, the lawless people decided to protest last month the manufacturing of the AR-556 rifle, the same rifle used by Devin Patrick Kelley in the Texas church shooting that took place in Sutherland Springs at the First Baptist Church in November 2017.

“GAG and our allies demanded that Sturm, Ruger CEO Chris Killoy and his company stop manufacturing the AR-556 because it and other AR-15 type assault rifles were originally designed for military purposes, killing the maximum amount of people in the shortest amount time,” the group’s website reads.  “While Sturm, Ruger and assault weapon enthusiasts insist the guns are only used for hunting and sport, they are frequently used in increasingly lethal mass murders like the ones that occurred in Las Vegas, Orlando, Sandy Hook and Aurora.”

According to Natalie James, an activist affiliated with Gays Against Guns, said, “Sturm, Ruger and all the other AR-15 manufacturers out there have blood on their hands for continuing to profit off of weapons that should have never left the battlefield.”

The mentally ill never cease to amaze, do they?

Sure, the gun just got up, walked into the church and began murdering people at will.  At least, that’s what James would have us believe in the way she phrased things.

However, like the movie Runaway Jury, James wants to go after the manufacturers of the guns rather than simply pin the guilt on the person responsible for the crime, Mr. Patrick, to which she makes no reference.

“The massacre in Sutherland Springs last month and the massacre that happened in nearby Sandy Hook five years ago are bloody and tragic reminders that these weapons are not fun and games and should be banned for civilian use,” James added.

GAG also wants to block HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which just passed in the House of Representatives.

I’ve written that the bill is unnecessary if the government actually followed the law, the Constitution, and stopped infringing on the people’s rights, but I’m in no wise trying to block it.

They have also called for a reinstatement of the 1994 assault weapons ban, which did nothing to stop gun violence.

Guns.com adds:

Gays Against Guns has targeted gun makers for its dramatic protests before — including two demonstrations at BlackRock in 2016 over the investment firm’s significant holdings in Smith & Wesson and Ruger shares.

“Know that BlackRock has millions of stock invested in Smith & Wesson,” the group said after a September 2016 protest at an NYC investor’s conference . “Both BlackRock and Smith & Wesson are complicit in death and the culture of gun violence that plagues this country.”

It seems to me that we not only need to enforce the law against our corrupt politicians, but we need to enforce the anti-sodomy laws to deal with people just like this who seek to impose their lawless behavior, as well as their unconstitutional gun confiscation agenda, on the public.

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