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House Democrats Push Hard For Gun Confiscation – GOP Ready To Cave?

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Democrat representatives have been more than complicity in abandoning their oaths to the Constitution and the people they represent for decades when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms, along with the issue of supporting constitutional militias.  Now, more than ever, they are pushing for gun confiscation and that with the approval of a Republican president who is gung ho when it comes to advancing red flag gun laws, but will the GOP cave to the pressure from Democrats on the issue and sell you and your posterity out further?

The short answer is, probably.

However, pro-Second Amendment groups are calling on people to let their voices be heard to call these lawless criminal representatives back to obeying the Constitution they swore before God and man to uphold.

Guns Owners of America warns:

Gun banners are using the recent Midland-Odessa, Texas, shooting to strip you — and all law-abiding gun owners — of your God-given, constitutionally-protected rights.

You’re shocked, right?

But as we’ve mentioned to you in recent weeks: We know the House Democrats can pass virtually any gun control measure they want.

The real challenge is to make sure that House Republicans don’t join them. Because if they do, then that will cause Senate Republicans to defect in large numbers.

And if only 13 GOP Senators turn to the “dark side,” gun control will pass both chambers of Congress.

We’ve already seen, in recent weeks, Republicans like Dan Crenshaw of Texas say they might support a “red flag” law.

This is why we need to keep hammering House Republicans and urge them to hold firm.

The House Judiciary Committee was supposed to begin consideration of three gun control proposals today, but Hurricane Dorian has postponed the meeting until next week.

Actually, I’m not shocked at all.  What is shocking is that people think these guys can just “can pass virtually any gun control measure they want.”

If it’s repugnant to the Constitution, as any laws restricting or regulating arms is, then it is void, period.

Still, there are three gun confiscation measures ahead in our future.

GOA adds:

1) Magazine bans (H.R. 1186). This bill would ban all magazines with a capacity of over 10 rounds. If this bill were to pass into law, gun owners across the country would have to pray that they were never forced to defend themselves and their families against multiple attackers — as evidenced in FloridaTexas or Missouri.

2) “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation Orders (H.R. 1236/H.R. 3076). We’ve talked a lot about this legislation already. This bill would allow an angry relative or former boyfriend/girlfriend to petition a court to strip you of your gun rights, with nothing but a list of unsubstantiated allegations.

This is exactly what happened to Gary Willis of Ferndale, Maryland, and he was shot by police during the execution of the gun confiscation order.

3) Pervert Protection Act (H.R. 2708). Finally, this so-called “hate crime” bill would impose a lifetime gun ban on gun owners for non-violent actions — primarily because they held views Democrats don’t like. As stated by GOA’s Legislative Counsel:

Recently, at the Mall of New Hampshire, a man loitered in a women’s rest room for an hour — taking pictures of women in stalls.

If a woman threatened to remove him — and he claimed to be “a woman in the body of a man” as this person did here — that would be a “hate crime.”

All of these bills would be a nightmare for gun owners if they’re enacted into law.

What’s your job, America?  First, these people need an earful from you to obey the Constitution and to stay out of areas they have been given no authority to legislate in.

Second, it’s time for law-abiding citizens in the districts where these criminals are voted in to realize that this is not about party jersey, but about the law and their rights.  It’s time that they vote these criminals out and begin the process of indicting them for their crimes against them, as well as their criminal conspiracy to commit crimes against the rest of us across America.

What will you do?  Contact your representatives and senators.  Oh, and yes, President Trump needs an earful on his unlawful advocacy of red flag laws too.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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