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I Carry: Glock G48 9mm Pistol in a Safariland IncogX Holster

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Firearm: Glock G48 (MSRP: $538)

While it’s not entirely accurate to call the Glock G48 a single-stack version of the G19, it’s pretty close. Both pistols are 5.5 inches tall, but that’s the only place the two pistols are identical. The remainder of the specs germane to concealed carry– width, length and weight – are quite close: The G19 is 1.26 inches wide, 7.36 inches long and weighs 21 ounces empty, while the G48 is 1.1 inches wide, 7.28 inches long and weighs 18 ounces. While those are different dimensions, they don’t represent a dramatic difference between the two handguns.

What’s more striking, though, is the difference in capacity: While the G19 uses a double-stack polymer magazine for a capacity of 15 rounds, the G48’s magazine is a single-stack and has a capacity of 10 rounds. Aftermarket metal magazines, such as the S15 from Shield Arms, render this a moot point, so the G48 then becomes a slimmer, slightly shorter and lighter version of the G19. With that said, what’s not to like about it?

The G48 has the same striker-fired operation, bladed-safety trigger and sights as the G19, so the operation should be familiar to anyone that’s shot a Glock handgun. It’s a Gen5, which means it has the cocking serrations up front as well as at the rear, and has the improved trigger and melted corners that are a part of the Gen5 upgrade. The Marksman barrel and reversible magazine catch, also part of the Gen5 revisions, are present in the G48 as well.

Where the G48 appears to be slimmer and lighter than the G19, but can match the capacity with aftermarket magazines, it would seem to be a threat to the older concealed-carry staple. However, there are a couple things of which to be aware with the G48. First of all, the G19 is going to have a much larger aftermarket pool from which to pull. Spare magazines and holsters will be more plentiful for the G19, and since the G48 is Gen5 only, certain upgraded accessories are not available. Second, reviews on certain aftermarket steel magazines are mixed, and should be thoroughly tested before putting into use to make sure they are reliable enough for daily carry. Overall, though, the G48 is another solid option for the concealed-carry practitioner.

Holster: Safariland IncogX (MSRP: $90)

We’ve featured the Safariland IncogX holster previously, but as the complete system set up for a pistol with an attached weaponlight and sidecar-style spare magazine carrier. For the smaller, slimmer Glock G48, we’ve chosen the minimalist version of the IncogX, with tuckable clips with integral strut to aid in concealment. Boltaron construction, combined with passive retention based on the firearm’s trigger guard and ejection port, means the holster is both rugged and easy to use.

The IncogX is an excellent choice for the Glock G48; while the pistol we have in today’s kit doesn’t have an optic attached, the MOS version has the ability to mount a dot. The IncogX is set up to accommodate not only mounted optics, but also the taller sights that often accompany optics for co-witnessing. Three concealment strut shims are included to tailor the IncogX to the individual, and the ability to add a magazine carrier is also there if desired.

Accessory: Pelican Protector phone case (MSRP: $40)

While we don’t often think of it as such, your smartphone is an essential component of your EDC loadout. It’s vital for information and communication, with the ability to call for help, get directions to your destination or any number of other necessary functions. It’s also a significant financial investment, with models selling for well into four-digit prices. Why not protect your investment with one of the best known cases in the industry, Pelican?

Long known for its nigh-indestructible cases for handguns, rifles and sensitive electronics, Pelican also offers protection for your precious smartphone. Available for Apple smartphones from the SE to the current 15 Pro series, the Protector line also extends into AirTag cases and other small electronic protection. Pelican’s Voyager series covers both iPhone and Samsung phones, while the Adventurer line covers laptops. Excellent, affordable protection for your sensitive electronics is just a smart investment.

Article by JAY GRAZIO


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