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Idaho Gun Owners Send Rep. Rusche Packing!

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- You did it!

No one thought it could be done by Rep. John Rusche (Democrat-District 6) was the House Minority Leader and he led a very deceitful campaign about his gun rights record.

Gun owners handed him a huge defeat and chose his Republican Challenger Mike Kingsley instead.

You guys made all the difference. Insiders told us that gun owners were not happy about how Rusche tried to deceive gun owners into thinking he was pro-gun.

Rusche touted his vote for Constitutional Carry but when we exposed what really happened at the Capitol his voters were not happy!

With Donald Trump winning the Presidency last night we hope that on a national level the 2nd Amendment will be a little safer.

But his election changes nothing for the State of Idaho. Our battles here will continue for years to come. We have a lot of work to do. We still have many anti-gun legislators in our Statehouse and they must go!

Gun owners also pulled offer a victory against Senator Dan Schmidt! He voted against Constitutional Carry and we are happy to see him go!

Gun owners ALMOST pulled off the trifecta and beat Rep. Paulette Jordan who also voted against Constitutional Carry. She beat Republican Challenger Carl Berglund by 250 votes. It was that close.

Had the ISAA not been involved she surely would have won by a larger margin. Incumbents are tough to beat but gun owners beat several of them.

We are happy to announce that Rep. Christy Zito has won her first term as Representative in District 23. She will be a stalwart defender of the 2nd Amendment in Idaho.

We want to thank all of you who voted yesterday and thank you for your continued support of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.

We are making a huge difference in Idaho and we still have much work to do. We can’t rest because there is a Republican President.


Greg Pruett
President, ISAA


Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance exists to fight for the 2nd Amendment rights of all Idaho citizens. Even in a gun friendly State like Idaho, the 2nd Amendment is under constant threat. Visit: www.idahosaa.org

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