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Instant Access IPS Launches New Pistol Security Cabinet

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland.com – California based Instant Access IPS recently launched a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to help kick start their new product – The Pistol Cabinet.

The link below will take you to their campaign site where you can pre-purchase one of their new products or get a great deal on one of their existing products. You can also donate, or purchase promotional materials. The proceeds, if they meet their funding goal, will go toward launching their new product. If they do not meet their funding goal, all monies will be returned to the donors/customers.

Instant Access IPS (In Plain Site) is a manufacturer of concealed weapons security cabinets. Founded in 2014, their first product was the Tactical Weapons Cabinet which is steel security cabinet with electronic locks disguised as a piece or number of pieces of artwork. The recessed cabinet holds up to two tactical weapons and fits between the studs in the same fashion as a medicine cabinet. The four button programmable lock is powered by 8 AA batteries and the keypad is concealed in the top of the artwork frame.

The founder, Mark Coons, is a nine year army veteran with a Mechanical Engineering degree from West Point. He has a passion for home defense and gun safety.

In a recent interview, Mark noted that, “The trade off in home defense weapons storage has always been a choice between speed of access versus the security of your firearms. With our products, gun owners can have both quick access and security.”

Instant Access IPS Pistol Cabinet
Instant Access IPS Pistol Cabinet

Mark and his team won the San Joaquin Entrepreneur’s Challenge in 2014 which helped them launch the company and their current product, the Tactical Weapon Cabinet.

Their marketing director; Aspen, noted, “A lot of Instant Access IPS supporters don’t own their own homes, or are otherwise not in a position to install an in-wall storage unit. That is why we created the on-wall pistol cabinet.”

Instant Access IPS Pistol Cabinet
Instant Access IPS Pistol Cabinet

Their new product starts at $150 and can be purchased with any of about 100 standard pieces of artwork, or for an additional $20, customers can provide their own digital file. The pricing for the campaign is up to 30% off retail pricing. The campaign ends in just a few weeks and can be accessed from the link below.

About Instant Access IPS:

Instant Access IPS was created out of the need for secure home-defense weapons. Each year, thousands of small children are injured by weapons in their household, weapons that were not secure and were loaded. In our household, when there were kids, we had shot locks and gun safes. These are both great solutions to the problem of kids, but there is a trade-off involved. Shot locks and gun safes provide extremely limited access to your weapon, both requiring multiple minutes to unlock and load available weapons. This means most gun owners must decide between keeping loaded guns out of the hands of small children and being able to quickly protect their families from danger. This is why we created Instant Access IPS.

For more information, visit: www.InstantAccessIPS.com.


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