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Ireland & United Kingdom: A Call To Action On Firearms

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland – You may have heard about the proposed amendments to the EU Firearms Directive and the potentially adverse consequences for legal firearm users in the UK.

This might seem technical and obscure, but it is of vital importance to anyone who shoots.

We have been working hard to get our views across to the Home Office, MPs and MEPs, making sure everyone is aware of the negative impacts these proposals could have on the shooting community. For example, it is painfully obvious that restricting the use of firearms by under-18s will have no effect on reducing terrorism, but will leave our children without the shooting opportunities that many of us enjoyed growing up, and make it harder for people to get into shooting.

We need to show our strength in numbers to ensure these proposals have no effect on law abiding firearms owners in the UK. As such we are asking that you follow this link and register your disagreement with the proposed amendments. Your views will be sent directly to your regional MEPs, and you should expect a response.

Closer to home, this week has seen the publication of a new Policing and Crime Bill. Once approved by the Government this Bill will include a number of beneficial changes to the current UK Firearm Laws, a positive step towards simplifying and updating our some of the obsolete and obscure parts of firearms legislation.

The Countryside Alliance believes however that this is a golden opportunity to go further, and we will now begin a process to push for further changes to be made, changes that will improve firearms legislation for UK shooters and, most importantly, reduce the burden of administration upon both shooters and the police without any risk to public safety.

With your help we can make sure burdensome new firearms laws are not enacted and wherever possible existing laws can be streamlined and made more user friendly. If you support our position then be sure to lobby your MEP and, if not already a member, consider joining the Countryside Alliance here.

Tim Bonner
Chief Executive
Follow on Twitter @CA_TimB

Countryside Alliance Ireland has been active since the early 1960s, providing Irish sportsmen and women with high levels of information and advice and representation. Over the years as the political environment has changed we have evolved into a highly effective campaigning organisation. Countryside Alliance Ireland is governed by an elected “Board” made up from members throughout Ireland. The Board sets policy and oversees financial and operational matters. Countryside Alliance Ireland partner groups nominate members of the “Board” also, making it truly representative of country sports interests in Ireland. Visit: www.countrysideallianceireland.org

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