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JSD Supply Returns To Gun Shows, Plans to Sell So-Called 80% “Ghost Guns”

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

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HARRISBURG, PENN –-(Ammoland.com)- JSD Supply will be once again selling unfinished frames at Eagle Arms Production gun shows in Pennsylvania.

Eagle Arms Production banned JSD Supply from selling unfinished frame kits such as those made by Polymer80 #ad at their shows earlier this week. The gun show’s production company claimed in statements to various outlets that no one pressured the company to ban the sale of the unfinished frame kits or unfinished lower receivers. Our inside sources said there was pressure from Representatives such as Amen Brown of Philadelphia for the show to stop the sale of these items.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro jumped-the-gun bragging at his recent press conference, as 80% kits are now back on sale. So much for that fake-news “win”.

After the announcement of the ban, rabid anti-gun Attorney General Josh Shapiro held a press conference where he gloated about the outcome. Anti-gun groups immediately started thinking about how they can use the decision to pressure other gun shows across the country to stop the sale of the kits. Other anti-gun groups spun the decision as the gun community admitting there is a problem with unserialized firearms.

Under the new agreement, JSD Supply will be allowed to sell unfinished frames and kits at all Eagle Arms shows in the Key Stone State. JSD Supply agreed to have the buyers sign a form stating that they are over 18, not a felon, and will not bring the kits back to anywhere that unfinished frames are illegal.

The sheet is half a page long and will list similar terms and conditions that Polymer80 lists on their website. The customer will not have to present an ID or give personal information. There is not a requirement for JSD Supply to keep the records.

JSD Supply has a history of refusing to turn over customer information to the state. The Attorney General did request JSD Supply to turn over some customer records to him. The company declined to comply with the request without a subpoena. Inside sources say this enraged the AG and is one reason there was a move to push Eagle Arms to ban the company.

JSD Supply sent out a press release where the company owner, Jordan Vinroe, credits AmmoLand News. He thanked AmmoLand for our investigation into the situation and our factual reporting that allowed all sides of the issue to make statements. Along with AmmoLand, JSD thanked Gun Owners of America and named State Director Val Finnell for mobilizing GOA’s base to push back against the AG and others.

JSD Supply Returns To Gun Shows, Plans to Sell So-Called 80% Guns

The company owner also thanked Hank Strange for allowing him on Strange’s show with less than five hours’ notice. He called Strange a patriot who values American rights. On Lifestyles of The Locked and Loaded, Vinroe answered questions to talk about the struggles of being in the crosshairs of anti-gun politicians.

Other people and groups Vinroe thanked were the Firearms Policy Coalition, Guns & Gadgets, and Rob Pincus for shedding light on the issue.

He went on to thank Eagle Arms Productions for keeping the lines of communication open. JSD Supply is moving forward with selling unfinished frame kits at Eagle Arms Production shows and will be returning in two weeks.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro did not return AmmoLand News’ request for comment on his now embarrassing press conference and the pro-freedom turn of events.


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