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LIVE from Utah: We The People Restoring The 10th Amendment Law

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Thursday at 8:00 PM in Cedar City Utah a Plan shall commence to restore Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER in Utah State. This assembly is put on every Thursday evening for Constitutional Education.

Captain Karl Koenigs writes:

I am intending on announcing the plan to State Nullify every single thing that Washington DC has done, since 1913, that is not delegated to them, and enforce each incremental Nullification by Municipal, County and State Law Enforcement ACTION backed by AMERICAN MILITIA FREEDOM FORCES troops if and when necessary.

WE THE PEOPLE shall SURROUND OUR STATE Capitol Armed, AND NEVER LEAVE,, until WTP forced and COMPELLED them to sponsor AND PASS an exact facsimile of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, drafted by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, augmented with AN ARREST PROVISION.

It should prove to be very exciting, for the first time, instead of doing only a Rally, we shall be executing Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER upon our State Capitol to do what they have been “duty bound” (Thomas Jefferson & James Madison) to do all this time, namely State nullify everything Washington DC has done via usurpation of Powers and SPENDING not delegated to them.

If this plan to surround Utah State Capitol Armed, AND NEVER LEAVE, until the the Legislators and Governor submit to restoring Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER via States Rights, State SOVEREIGNTY and State NULLIFICATION of all Republican and Democrat Capital Felony usurpation of Powers and thus Spending not delegated to them, but rather “Reserved to the States respectively, or to the people” (Tenth Amendment LAW) the rest of the States will follow. And, our Republic of Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER shall be restored and ALL of the POTUS’s, SCOTUS, Republican, Democrat and The Deep State INSURRECTION against the Constitution shall be incrementally State Nullified, over a transitional period of time, say 3 – 5 years, including Employer and Income Taxes pursuant to The Constitution and SCOTUS decisions, from Sea to Shining Sea.

So Help Us God!

WE THE PEOPLE, AMERICAN MILITIA FREEDOM FORCES (AMFF) TROOPS of The Second Amendment LAW, Operating under ARTICLE I Section 8 clause 15 of The Constitution, Deo Volente, ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

All POTUS, SCOTUS, Republican and Democrat Demon Spawn TIGERS Of The Deep State of Executive branch alphabet soup Agencies and Bureaus that are explicitly prohibited from even existing in the first place, pursuant to Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER shall be incrementally State Nullified. If they refuse to cease and desist any Power or SPENDING properly and Constitutionally State Nullified, they shall be ARRESTED, JAILED, TRIED and SENTENCED pursuant to Tenth Amendment LAW and ORDER.

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