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LRB Arms M14 Rifles and Parts Now Available in Canada

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland – LRB of Long Island, Inc. is pleased to announce our import/export agreement with Wolverine Supplies located in Virden, MB Canada.

Beginning January 1, 2016, Wolverine Supplies will be the exclusive stocking dealer/distributor for LRB Arms M14 Rifles, Actions, Receivers and Parts.

Canadian residents will now be able to easily purchase LRB Arms products direct from Wolverine Supplies.

“For years, we’ve had requests for our products from Canadian customers, but unable to meet the demand due to the difficulty and expense of processing single transactions. I knew we had to locate a Canadian importer that retains the same high standard of customer service and business ethics as LRB,” said Louis Biancospino, owner and President of LRB of Long Island, Inc. “Wolverine Supplies is the obvious choice.”

About LRB of Long Island, Inc:

LRB Arms is a premier M14 Rifle Manufacturer specializing in custom built rifles assembled to your individual specifications. We are the first commercial company to manufacture a USA made, Genuine Hammer Forged receiver since government contractors stopped production in the 1960’s. Wolverine Supplies welcomes this business partnership and look forward to supplying LRB products to our Canadian customers. For more information about Wolverine Supplies, please visit https://wolverinesupplies.com.

For more information about LRB of Long Island, Inc. please visit www.LRBArms.com.

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