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Maine: Extreme Polling Place Gun Ban Killed

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On Wednesday, the Maine Senate held a floor vote on LD 1255, a gun ban that would have prohibited law-abiding citizens from carrying firearms at polling locations. Thanks to the strong response of NRA members and Second Amendment supporters, the bill was defeated. NRA-ILA would like to thank all lawmakers who defended the Second Amendment for law-abiding citizens in the Pine Tree State.

LD 1255 would have imposed a ban on all firearms within a 250-foot boundary around all polling places and ballot drop boxes in Maine. This would have pertained to Election Day AND the 30 days prior to Election Day during early voting. This bill would have created more “soft targets” in Maine, disenfranchised gun carrying voters, and ensnared law-abiding citizens who were walking or driving in the right of way within this boundary.

Again, thank you to NRA Members and Second Amendment supporters who contacted their lawmakers in strong opposition to this anti-gun bill.

Article by NRA-ILA


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