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Massachusetts: Vote on Major Anti-Gun Bill Expected Wednesday

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Anti-gun politicians continue to play games around HD 4607, “an act modernizing firearm laws.”  The bill, formerly known as HD 4420, is once again taking on a new bill number and will be combined with H. 4090, an overarching budget bill that has nothing to do with firearm code.

Despite law-abiding gun owners from throughout the Commonwealth voicing their opposition to this bill, anti-gun politicians continue their attempts to rush this bill into law. Their latest scheme, which tags the 123-page legislation onto a budget bill, means that the Massachusetts House will vote on the bill tomorrow, Wednesday, October 18th.  NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are strongly urged to contact their lawmakers right away, to voice their opposition to this bill.

This massive piece of legislation re-writes gun laws in the Commonwealth and imposes unprecedented gun-control. This is an ominous bill that includes the worst anti-gun legislation in the country, including:

  •   Widespread bans on commonly owned firearms,
  •   Eliminating due process through expanded “Red Flag” laws,
  •   Implementing new “safe storage” mandates in and out of your home,
  •   Instituting expanded gun registry programs,
  •   Placing an extreme financial burden on gun-owners to price them out of being able to exercise their Second Amendment rights,
  •   And much more.

For a detailed breakdown of the bill, please see NRA affiliate, Gun Owners’ Action League’s, analysis HERE.

All NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are strongly encouraged to contact their lawmakers and urge them to oppose this legislation. To contact your lawmaker now, click the TAKE ACTION button below.

Please stay tuned to the NRA-ILA website and your inbox for updates as we continue to monitor the progress of this legislation.

Article posted with permission from NRA-ILA

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