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Montana Senate Race Could Decide The Second Amendment, Vote for Sen. Steve Daines!

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

Montana – -(AmmoLand.com)- In 2018, Second Amendment supporters failed to replace Jon Tester, which ranks as one of the biggest missed opportunities in that election cycle. This year in 2020, anti-Second Amendment extremists are hoping to pick off a strong Second Amendment supporter – and this one has none of the “redeeming” features that Tester purportedly brought to the table.

Anti-Gun Montana Governor Steve Bullock is running to defeat Senator Steve Daines. Daines is a strong supporter of our right to keep and bear arms. Earlier this year, Ammoland covered legislation he introduced to update protections for travelers in the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act. In addition, Daines voted for both of President Trump’s nominees to the Supreme Court, which hangs in the balance this election.

You could not really find a Senator much better than Daines on our Second Amendment rights. He not only fights anti-Second Amendment legislation, but he also votes the right way on the secondary issues.

In addition, the first vote he casts in every Congress is one against Charles Schumer, one of the strongest opponents of our freedoms.

Given all of that and given that Montana has long been friendly territory for the Second Amendment, you’d think Daines would have a cakewalk to re-election. However, as Tester’s persistent survival shows, those who are at best only partial supporters of our Second Amendment rights can hang on in the office, doing incalculable damage. We can only wish that Bullock was as inconsistent as Tester. Instead, Bullock appears to have gone the Gillibrand route – becoming one of those former friends turned enemies of our rights.

Steve Daines for US Senate
Steve Daines for US Senate

In 2018, Bullock came out in support of the Bloomberg agenda. We’re talking “universal” background checks, semiauto bans, “red flag” laws, and magazine bans. He ran on that issue in 2020, and while he did not collect any delegates, his anti-Second Amendment turn is one that Second Amendment supporters will want to punish him for at the polls this November.

Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, who similarly turned his back on law-abiding gun owners and sought to punish them for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit, survived such an effort in 2018. Should Bullock’s betrayal get him into the Senate, he could be a significant asset to the likes of Bloomberg – someone who can peddle the BS that “we’re pro-Second Amendment, banning AR-15s is not a violation of that” – and make it stick.

This doesn’t count the fact that he becomes a reliable vote against pro-Second Amendment judges, that he would likely support “reform” of campaign finance laws that suppress grassroots activism, and that his first vote every Congress would be to make Chuck Schumer majority leader. Second Amendment supporters can check out Daines’s campaign site here, and they should also donate to the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund to help elect Daines and other pro-Second Amendment officials.

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