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Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun + MagPul furniture = Radical Riot Gun

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This article first appeared at Ammoland.com

Ammoland.com – Almost since their founding MagPul has been an industry leader with regard to AR15 accessories.

In recent years the company has turned its attention to accessories for other platforms such as AK47s, Glock pistols and even shotguns.

These efforts have proved so popular that there are now shotguns such as the Remington 870 and the Mossberg 500 and 590 series shipping from the factory with MagPul furniture.

Butt stocks and forends for most pump shotguns are a fairly quick and easy installation and shotgun accessories have been leading the pack when it comes to aftermarket accessories for almost 5 decades.

The advantage to ordering a factory-ready shotgun outfitted with MagPul furniture is in “keeping it in factory condition”, this helps in the resale or trade-in value of the firearm as well as from the legal perspective of “altering a firearm”. Although such prosecutions for merely changing a stock and forend are rare, anti-gun or anti-self-defense prosecutors can be like opportunistic thieves: if you give them a chance, they will take it.

Mossberg 590A1
Mossberg 590A1 Magpul Series 6 Shot Tactical Shotgun

Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun : The Good

Mossberg shipped us a brand new Mossberg 590A1 Magpul Series 6 Shot Tactical Shotgun model #51417 with a fluted barrel. The original Mossberg 590A1 heavy barrels was designed at the request of the United States Marine Corps Security Forces for use with ship board security teams who need to work and fight in close quarters. The thicker profile dissipates heat quickly and keeps the shotgunner from burning the next guy in the stack on a dynamic entry or other such scenario.

Mossberg 590A1 Magpul Series 6 Shot Tactical Shotgun Front Sight & Fluted Barrel
Mossberg 590A1 Magpul Series 6 Shot Tactical Shotgun Front Sight & Fluted Barrel

Adding flutes to the barrel lightens the load slightly and gives it a more aesthetically pleasing look. All else is the same on the 590A1: tang mounted safety, bead sight, etc. The shotgun can easily handle both 2 ¾” and 3” shells.

MagPul’s forend is ribbed on the bottom to allow for a positive grip and has down-turned lips front and rear that act as hand stops. The sides of the forend are slotted to accept MagPul’s M-Lok Rail Sections ( goo.gl/WW8CVz ) so that the shooter can easily add a laser or flashlight if so desired.

Magpul Tactical Butt Stock
Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun Magpul Series 6 Shot Tactical Butt Stock

The butt stock on the Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun offers an angle somewhere between a traditional shotgun grip and a pistol grip. The stock includes a number of spacers that the shooter can remove to adjust the length of pull to whatever is desired. This option is a real benefit should you run your shotgun while wearing a vest or plate carrier on occasion; simply remove a few spacers and your length of pull will remain consistent.

One thing that works particularly well with this type of stock is the ease of accessing the receiver-mounted safety as opposed to a more traditional shotgun stock.

At the range, the Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun performed well. We experienced no problems with ammunition choices. We found the stock spacers to spread less felt recoil after every shot. Some people do not agree but for us it makes for a very pleasant shooting shotgun.

This particular model’s receiver is drilled and tapped for an easy scope mount installation. We found Federal’s low recoil 2 ¾” 00 Buck shot to pattern the best at 25 yards.

Read the rest of this awesome review by Mike Searson at Ammoland.

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