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New For 2023: Glock 49 MOS

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When Glock introduced its G47, a full-size 9 mm Luger pistol designed for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, sharp-eyed Glock fans noticed a unique feature of the new pistol. Though it sported a full-size length grip, its frame had a dust cover the length of a Glock 19. This raised the possibility that a Glock 17-length slide could be placed on a Glock 19 frame, yielding the long slide/short grip length combination that some concealed carry practitioners prefer. New for 2023, TALO Distributors, Inc. is offering this exact combination from the factory with the limited-edition Glock 49 MOS.

Right side of the black Glock 49 MOS pistol.The Glock 49 combines the slide and barrel length of a Glock 17 with the grip length of the Glock 19.

The basic specifications of the 9 mm Luger Glock 49 MOS follow a typical Gen5 Glock MOS pistol. These include a grip frame that lacks finger grooves and has a flared magazine well and interchangeable backstraps to customize grip size. Slide-stop levers are placed on both sides of the frame, and the magazine release button is reversible. The barrel is in the Glock Marksman form with polygonal rifling and a target crown. As an MOS (“Modular Optics System”) model, the slide, which has serrations on both the front and rear, is cut to use a wide variety of electronic optics through the use of an adapter plate system.

Left side of the black Glock 49 MOS pistol.The TALO limited-edition Glock 49 MOS has all of the features of a Gen5 MOS Glock pistol.

The result of its full-size slide/compact frame is a pistol with an overall length of 7.95” with a 4.49” barrel and a height of 5.04”, yielding a longer barrel and sight radius with a grip that is easier to conceal. It weighs 22.4 ozs. Magazine capacity is 15 rounds using standard Glock 19-size magazines and models with 10-round magazines are available for those who live in areas with magazine capacity restrictions.

The Glock 49 MOS TALO Edition has an MSRP of $745. For more information, visit taloinc.com.



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