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New York Governor Hochul Exposed By Questions Over Pretended Gun Legislation (Video)

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Tyrannical New York Governor Kathy Hochul believes that she answers to no one and doesn’t have to provide any evidence of her claims to infringe on the rights of the people she is supposed to serve to keep and bear arms. In a recent report, a journalist asked her some questions that demonstrate that Hochul is merely doing the bidding of her puppet masters and is not the least bit interested in upholding the law.

She was asked where she gets her data to infringe on the rights of those who carry concealed. Her reply was she doesn’t need data and that she is there to “protect the people”.

The reality is that she is there to defend and protect the law, or the Constitution. The people have the ability to protect themselves with arms, Kathy!

Take a look.

Meanwhile in the same state, she is just fine with giving children those deadly COVID shots. However, many real men are standing up and calling out the murder mills that are delivering the shots.

Additionally, Hochul seems about as hypocritical as the illegitimate man in the People’s White House, Joe Biden, when it comes to his own son and crack cocaine.

Hochul is attacking New York’s children and their parents. Whether she is infringing on their rights or authorizing the continued genocide of New Yorkers, she clearly has no idea of protecting the people or upholding the law.

Looks like New York went from the frying pan of Cuomo to the fire of Hochul.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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