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NRA Gun Of The Week: Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy

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Heritage Manufacturing has made a name for itself in the rimfire pistol market for its many iterations of single-action, rimfire revolvers. Reasonably priced, low-recoiling and bearing a resemblance to the classic single-actions of old, the Rough Rider revolver line has many different available models to choose from, each with its own aesthetic or unique characteristic, including different chambering and barrel lengths. The Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy is just one of these many choices, geared for more versatility. Watch the video above to see the Tactical Cowboy in use on the range.

man wearing protective gear ear muffs glasses hat shooting black revolver white range walls

The Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy is a convertible rimfire—a standard six-shot cylinder chambered in .22 LR comes with the gun, but the revolver is also compatible with .22 WMR when using an optional conversion cylinder. Controls include a trigger, spurred hammer and a built-in safety selector on the left side of the frame behind the cylinder. Right of the hammer is the gun’s swing-out loading gate. A shrouded ejector rod is found under the barrel.

left-side view heritage manufacturing rough rider tactical cowboy single-action revolver black gun carbon-fiber stocks

A six-slot Picatinny rail segment is included on the top of the gun’s frame. This allows the mounting of various optics right to the top of the revolver, if so desired. The rails have a notch cut down the centerline, which functions as the rear iron sight. At the end of its 6.5″ barrel, the muzzle is threaded to allow for use with suppressors, and the gun comes with a thread protector attached. On top of the barrel, the front sight post holds a red fiber-optic insert for increased visibility.

rear sight view of heritage rough rider tactical cowboy revolver

On the range, Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy is enjoyable and easy to shoot. The revolver’s weight of just over 32 ozs. helps keep recoil tamed, even with the more potent .22 WMR option loaded. The ability to change between .22 LR and .22 WMR with only a cylinder swap is a perk, which expands the usefulness of this rimfire from plinking to varmint shooting. However, the conversion cylinder for .22 WMR is sold separately.

ManufacturerHeritage Manufacturing Inc.
Model: Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy
Action Type: single-action, rimfire revolver
Chambering: .22 LR
Barrel: 6.5″
Frame: aluminum
Finish: black
Sights: Picatinny rail; fixed square-notch rear, post front
Capacity: six-round cylinder
Stocks: carbon-fiber
Overall Length: 11.85″
Weight: 32.10 ozs.
MSRP: $212.88



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