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Ohio Gun Owners Should Vote Out Bad, Bad, Sherrod Brown

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- Some politicians have very bad records on the Second Amendment. We think of Charles Schumer and Dianne Feinstein very quickly in this regard. But there are some who have kept their anti-gun records below the radar. Jerrold Nadler, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, is one of them. Another is Senator Sherrod Brown from Ohio.

In seven terms as a member of the House of Representatives and two as a Senator, Brown has been right alongside Schumer and Feinstein. According to Project Vote Smart, he not only voted for the Brady Act, but he also wanted to impose a permanent waiting period as opposed to an instant background check. He voted for the 1994 semi-auto ban. He was against its repeal in 1996.

The list of his anti-Second Amendment actions goes on and on. But Brown has managed to stay in office for a while in Ohio, a state where voter support for the Second Amendment has been solid.

One of the big reasons for this is that he, unlike Schumer, has generally kept his anti-Second Amendment actions under the radar of many people.

How has he done that? Simple: While his vote is reliably with Schumer and Feinstein, he has rarely been public with his comments or beliefs on the issue. He just casts votes. The other action he has often taken has been to sign on to various letters. Well, that was the case until after the Pulse nightclub shooting (really a terrorist attack, as the shooter pledged allegiance to ISIS).

Since then, Brown has upped his public statements and has been more vocal in his disdain for the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. He has opposed the use of federal funds to arm teachers who wish to carry guns to protect their students. Now, no Second Amendment supporter would want to force an unwilling teacher to carry a gun, but to deny those who wish to have an extra tool to protect their students should the horrific situation arise is not common sense.

Brown has also voted for anti-Second Amendment justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, and against Justices who would rule to protect our right to keep and bear arms, like Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Brown has also been pushing to allow the Centers for Disease Control to carry out “research” on gun violence. Such a measure was enacted this past March, but it should be noted that the ban was passed for good reasons, as high-ranking members of that agency were planning to push for gun control.

Vote Yes for Representative Jim Renacci

Brown won his last Senate election with 51 percent of the vote. This year, Representative Jim Renacci is running against him. Over four terms in the House of Representatives, Renacci has been a stalwart Second Amendment supporter, with an A rating from the National Rifle Association, per Project Vote Smart.

Renacci has co-sponsored concealed carry reciprocity legislation as well. After all, your driver’s license is good in all 50 states, why shouldn’t that apply to a carry permit? He has stood firm with supporters of the Second Amendment, and now they have a chance to make him Ohio’s newest senator and send Sherrod Brown packing.

Article by Harold Hutchison

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