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Once Pro Gun, Profit Takers Selling Out Permitless Carry in West Virginia

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

Ammoland.com – As the momentum behind Permitless Carry builds, just as last year, Judas Iscariot once again rears his head. Last year, it was EJ Smith (Charleston area) as a prolific concealed carry instructor standing on TV, betraying gun owners in the interest of protecting his wallet.

Already, Judas has emerged for this session. Scott Calhoun, of Gunsmoke Indoor Pistol Range was quoted in a misleading WVNS TV as advocating for MORE gun control.

Calhoun, the owner of Gunsmoke indoor range, believes there aren’t enough regulations in place for concealed carry training.

“Even if you skip the concealed carry classes, take that out of the equation, I still feel that they need to go through a background check, in order to acquire or carry a pistol in public,” he said.

So right there in an article that’s titled with one of the five lies, Calhoun, whose website lists courses that “meet the requirements set forth by the state of West Virginia for acquiring a concealed Pistol License,” stands another Judas, profiting from infringing on your inherent rights.

Beckley, WV folks may wish to spread the word that this range profits from selling your rights back to you, and wants to keep it that way.

We may see more of these, as media will leave no stone unturned when looking for “gun people” that oppose Permitless Carry. Near univserally, these turn out to be people who profit from the permit process.

Calhoun’s number is 304-929-2546 if you feel like expressing your appreciation for their profiteering.

West Virginia Lobby Day

February 15, 2016. Come stand with us in defense of your rights!

I look forward to seeing you all in the Capitol in Charleston!

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