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Our Top 5 Guns of 2023

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Another year has come and gone. While the eggnog settles and the Christmas tree continues to burn bright, here at American Hunter that can mean only one thing: it’s time for our top five #SundayGundays of 2023. Read on for what racked up the most views, clicks and comments this year.

Browning X Bolt Speed

1. Browning X-Bolt Speed

People seemed to be enthralled by the Browning X-Bolt Speed this year, and why wouldn’t they be? A mountain-style bolt-gun weighing around 6.5 pounds, the X-Bolt speed comes in enough long- and short-action chamberings to satisfy any situation. With a free-floated sporter-contour barrel, an action bedded fore and aft and a three-lever feather trigger, the gun is built for precision backcountry shooting. Its name, however, seems to derive from its 60-degree bolt throw, designed for rapid cycling.

Colt Anaconda 4 Inch

2. Colt Anaconda 4-Inch

Seeing this classic Colt crop up in our number two slot is unsurprising to say the least. With its beefy .44 Magnum chambering utilizing an oversized Python action, this is a revolver seemingly custom-made for hunters navigating grizzly country. With a Linear Leaf Spring Action, the gun’s trigger breaks glassy smooth, important for accuracy on a gun with this stout a recoil. Speaking of recoil, Hogue grips which fully envelope the backstrap help tame its prodigious impact on the wrist and shooting hand. Its full-size cylinder holds six rounds.

Sako S20 Hunter

3. Sako S20 Hunter

A modular hunting gun, the Sako S20 is designed for hunters for whom precision is priority. Boasting a takedown design, the gun can be fitted with a wide variety of different stocks and fore-ends, depending on the shooter’s preference for various comb heights or LOP adjustability. A match-grade, cold-hammer-forged barrel keeps groupings tight, while the action is fed by a detachable, double-stack magazine in a variety of long- and short-action cartridges.

CZ 600 Trail

4. CZ 600 Trail

For hunters looking for a survival-style backcountry rifle, the CZ 600 Trail is an excellent fit. Its lightweight aluminum receiver makes the gun eminently portable, while its three-lug controlled-round-feed action means it can be relied upon to cycle in a pinch. An overall length of just 27.2-inches when the stock is retracted to its shortest position makes the gun easy to throw into a pack while trekking, though it will extend to 35-inches when maxed out, for better shootability. Chambered in either 7.62×39 or .223 Remington, the gun feeds from a 10-round detachable box magazine.

Holosun 510 C

5. Holosun 510C

The final entry on our list isn’t actually a gun at all. Its the Holosun 510C reflex sight. Long popular atop the AR-15 rifles of predator hunters, the 510C is beginning to occupy another niche among diehard turkey hunters, as an accurate and dependable reflex to top their shotguns. With its solar backup system, the sight will even work with low or dead batteries for an uninterrupted hunt. Its sight picture, meanwhile, can be cycled between a dot, ghost ring or both—available in green or red.



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