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Paul Ryan (R-WI) to Cut Gun Control Deal, Major Vote Next Week

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

Wisconsin – -(Ammoland.com)- While you and I prepare for a weekend of R&R in celebration of this nation’s freedom, Wisconsin Republicrat Paul Ryan is working behind the scenes to crush what little freedom you and I have left.

That’s right, Ryan — according to a story on AmmoLand News and again on rollcall.com yesterday, “House Plans Vote on Guns Next Week” — will urge the U.S. House early next week to vote for “a counterterrorism package that will include a provision to prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns” and a so-called mental health bill that will effectively disarm and prohibit gun ownership for millions of Americans without due process based on phony junk science and the “diagnoses” from any anti-gun doctor with an axe to grind.

Of course, these politicians — people who have made a career out of habitual lies and broken promises — are trying to reassure gun owners that they will build in an appeals process for anyone wrongly placed on the government’s East-German Stasi-style secret watchlists.

Yeah, right.

As our friends at Gun Owners of America points out here, even IF there is an appeals process for being wrongly placed on a watchlist (as millions of Americans are) no one will be able to afford the attorneys’ fees to fight that legal battle.

Sadly, the institutional gun lobby is offering a so-called “compromise” which will arguably be just as bad as the anti-gunners’ bill … all in an attempt to try to look ‘reasonable.’

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You and I know that’s a very, very bad strategy: like trying to feed scraps of meat to the crocodile that’s about to eat you.

Anti-gun bills being introduced include:

  • Obama’s “No-Fly, No Guns” program, labeling you a “terrorist” because some bureaucrat doesn’t like your political views.
  • Implement mental health gun ban, so any hand-picked “doctor” can declare you mentally unfit to own firearms … with no due process or right to appeal.

Again, this attack on our firearm freedom will be launched right after politicians return from the July 4th 2016 recess — so after getting rested up during a weekend of phony homage to freedom, they will turn right around next week and attack your freedom.

So PLEASE take this threat seriously. Sign the online NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN petition.

Equally important, consider a pro-gun gift of $100, $250, $500 or more … if you can.

The more funding Wisconsin Gun Owners has available, the more we can do RIGHT NOW to hold our Wisconsin congressional delegation accountable.


Corey Graff
Executive Director

P.S. – Wisconsin’s congressional delegation, lead by notorious compromiser Paul Ryan, is cutting a deal with the democrat gun controllers to ran into law a massive nationwide gun ban targeting millions of unsuspecting Americans who should NOT be on any government watchlist. This major SELL-OUT being hatched between Washington neocon republicans and the democrat gun banners will be the largest gun control package — and the most insidious — passed in years.

Please sign the enclosed NO WATCHLIST GUN BAN petition and consider a pro-gun gift to WGO: $25, $50, $100 or more will make a big difference.

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