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A. Made from a nonmetal, self-sealing material, the Champion Duraseal Crazy Bounce Target tumbles and rolls in any direction when hit. It also allows bullets to pass through, causing minimal damage to the target and making it able to last for many range sessions. Despite weighing 80 percent less than traditional metal targets, it’s rugged enough to withstand everything from .17-caliber up to .50-caliber handguns and rifles—taking target longevity to a whole new level. MSRP: $20.45 to $37.95; championtarget.com

B. Love your 1911, but don’t love the cost and recoil of its .45 ACP (usually) chambering? There’s an easy solution! Available in black or silver, the Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit is compatible with your 1911’s existing frame and slide stop. Features include front and rear slide serrations, fully adjustable sights, a match-grade barrel/bushing and a full-length guide rod. A 10-round magazine is included. MSRP: $361; kimberamerica.com

C. Featuring a body constructed from impact-resistant polycarbonate for added durability, ProMag Industries’ Ruger 10/22 (25) Rd – Smoke Polymer Magazine boasts a semi-translucent polymer body that allows users to identify the type and amount of ammo inside on the fly. Internally, the spring is made from heat-treated, chrome-silicon wire for added durability. MSRP: $20.99; promagindustries.com

D. Ruger’s Rimfire Cleaning Kit comes with virtually every component a shooter needs to maintain a .22-caliber firearm, packaged in a sturdy plastic case with a hinged, snap-lock lid. The multi-piece kit includes a heavy-duty brass cleaning rod that assembles to 23.75 inches in length, .22-caliber cleaning brushes, two sizes of patches, solid-brass jags and slotted tips, bronze brushes and an assortment of cotton swabs. MSRP: $27.95; shopruger.com

E. Measuring 6 inches long and weighing a mere 3 ounces thanks to its aluminum-alloy construction, the SilencerCo Warlock II Sound Suppressor is short and lightweight to provide excellent balance and maneuverability—whether mounted on a .22 LR handgun or rifle. Its 1-inch tube diameter won’t obstruct factory-height sights, while the clip-baffle design provides for quick and easy maintenance. A takedown tool is included. (All NFA rules apply.) MSRP: $235; silencerco.com 



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