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Preview: Atsko Rapid-Rod

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Having a rigid cleaning rod in the field offers the advantage of being able to force a broken case or other obstruction out of the breech and generally makes rifle maintenance easier. Atsko, the maker of Sno-Seal and other waterproofing compounds for boots and fabric, makes the pocket-size, 2-oz. Rapid-Rod for exactly that purpose.

Its knurled handle and smooth rod sections are machined from aluminum and connected internally by a braided stainless-steel wire. Simply twisting the end cap counterclockwise rigidifies the entire assembly, allowing Rapid-Rod to service rifles from .22 to .54 caliber with barrels up to 27″ and shotguns from 20 through 10 gauge with barrels up to 32″. It comes with a .22-cal. slotted patch tip, five jags and a nylon belt pouch.

Suggested retail pricing is $20. For more information, please visit atsko.com.



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