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Preview: Sionyx Backcountry Adventure Kit

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Sionyx, maker of high-quality digital night-vision (NV) cameras, is now offering the Backcountry Adventure Kit—a bundle that includes its Aurora Black color NV camera, its range-extending Illuminator Kit and a Marsupial Gear Rangefinder Pouch for convenient carry of the optic—offering a turnkey solution for the nighttime outdoorsman.

Thanks to its CMOS sensor, the IP67-rated Aurora Black can capture images and videos (and can stream directly to your smart device via the Sionyx app) under both bright daytime and moonless nighttime conditions, and the camera comes with two lithium-ion batteries and a 32-GB microSD memory card.

The included infrared illuminator optimizes the camera’s performance, yet because of its 940nm wavelength, it does not produce a telltale red glow that betrays the user’s location. Suggested retail is $885.

For more information, please visit sionyx.com.


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