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Ranchers Are Not Criminal… For Now

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland – Neighbor complaints in 2013 led the accused farmers to make an appointment with Sheriff’s office to be present during a veterinarian’s assessment of all animals.

The Sheriff’s office cancelled. The veterinarian, however, assesed every animal on the property and found all in good health and satisfactory body condition. After the report was sent to the Sheriff, the farmers were told that the matter would be closed. However, after a brutal wet 2015 December, the Union County Sheriff’s office seized all their animals.

The farmers are being prosecuted by the only special prosecutor in the nation whose salary is being paid by a special interest group, Animal Legal Defense Fund, by a special grant to investigate and prosecute animal cruelty.

Read more here: Oregon ranchers face criminal charges for grazing animals.

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