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Redding Reloading Equipment Adds Die Set for 360 Buckhammer

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Redding Reloading Equipment has introduced a 3-Die Set for the 360 Buckhammer. A straight-wall cartridge based on the legendary .30-30 Winchester, the 360 Buckhammer will be at home in the deer woods across many regions of the United States. These die sets provide the capability to produce high-quality loadings for hunting- and shooting-range requirements.

Redding continues to add cartridges to it standard product lines as consumer demand and industry support grows. The brand also continues to produce truly “Custom” die sets as well. The Engineering Group at Redding requires only a chamber reamer drawing or five fired cases from the firearm in question to quote the production of dies for virtually any caliber and firearm. Prices are quoted on an individual basis depending upon the complexity of the chambering and any need for tooling. For more information, visit redding-reloading.com.


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