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Review: Mission First Tactical Ultralite Belly Band Holster

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The concealed carry market is flooded with holsters of various designs and styles, catering to the diverse preferences of gun owners. One notable entry into this arena is the Mission First Tactical Ultralite Belly Band Holster. Aimed at providing comfort, concealment, and versatility, this holster claims to be a reliable option for individuals looking to carry discreetly.

Design and Construction

The first impression of the Ultralite Belly Band Holster is its minimalist design. Crafted from high-quality, breathable neoprene material (MFT calls it 3D Mesher Space Fabric), the holster is both lightweight and flexible. Using neoprene ensures that the holster molds to the body’s contours, offering a snug fit without causing discomfort during extended wear. The adjustable hook and loop closure adds to the holster’s versatility, accommodating many body sizes.

One change I would make is to add a spare magazine pouch. I’m a strong advocate of carrying a spare mag just in case you need to reload either because you ran dry in the fight (after all, it’s concealed carry, so you’re likely running a smaller gun with fewer rounds) or you had to clear a malfunction that required you to drop the magazine, and it slipped out of your grasp and fell to the ground, where you can’t reach it. Either way, a spare magazine is always handy, so a good belly band should accommodate one.


The true test of any holster lies in its ability to secure and conceal the firearm effectively. The Ultralite Belly Band Holster excels in this regard, offering a secure and discreet carry option. The neoprene material provides a comfortable fit and aids in moisture-wicking, making it suitable for all-day wear.

A key component of any holster I recommend is how well it protects the trigger and trigger guard. They should be completely covered and inaccessible while the gun is in the holster. Most belly bands fail in this regard because they are made of soft, pliable material throughout, including the gun pouch. However, the MFT Ultralite Belly Band Holster alleviates this concern with a rectangle of stiff leather sewn onto the outside of the pouch to prevent accidental discharges. I’d rather see a full Kydex shell, but this is the next best solution.

The holster’s versatility shines through as it accommodates a variety of firearms, from compact pistols to subcompact models. The adjustable retention strap ensures a snug fit for different gun sizes, enhancing the holster’s adaptability. The bonus of being ambidextrous makes it appealing to a broader audience, catering to both right-handed and left-handed users.

Comfort and Concealment

Comfort is a key factor in determining the practicality of any holster, especially one designed for concealed carry. If it’s not comfortable, you won’t want to wear it. The Ultralite Belly Band Holster succeeds in providing a secure yet comfortable fit that doesn’t compromise on concealment. The neoprene material is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause chafing or irritation, even in warm weather. I wore this belly band several times this summer on long walks and always felt comfortable.

Positioning the holster at various points around the midsection allows users to find the most comfortable and concealable configuration for their body type and clothing choices. The holster’s low-profile design ensures that it remains discreet under various garments, maintaining the element of surprise for the carrier.

Draw and Accessibility

Quick and easy access to the firearm is crucial in self-defense situations. The Ultralite Belly Band Holster facilitates a smooth draw thanks to its well-thought-out design. The holster’s ambidextrous design allows users to position their firearm on either side of the body, accommodating personal preferences and tactical considerations. This flexibility adds to the overall user experience, making the holster suitable for individuals with different needs and preferences.

Parting Shots

The Mission First Tactical Ultralite Belly Band Holster is a reliable and versatile option for concealed carry. Its thoughtful design, comfortable construction, and adaptability to different body types make it a practical choice for everyday carry. Whether in casual or business attire, this holster excels in maintaining both comfort and concealment. With its affordable price point and feature-rich design, the Ultralite Belly Band Holster is a commendable addition to the market, offering a well-rounded solution for those seeking a reliable concealed carry option.



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