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Review: We the People Optic Cut OWB Holster

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It’s been said that timing is everything. From comedy to stunts to finding the love of your life, it’s all about the right place and time. Such was the case when the We the People Holsters Optic Cut OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster arrived on my doorstep the day before I was scheduled to take an advanced defensive handgun class at my local range. The class required an OWB, so the next morning I threw it on, added my Glock 17, and off I went. How would it hold up under the stress of a long class with many draws and re-holsters? We were about to find out.

The We the People Optic Cut OWB holster is a classic Kydex taco shell design with a high sweat guard and adjustable retention right below the trigger guard. They offer this model in non-optic and optic-cut options. I chose the optic cut so I could run my Vortex Venom red dot that I’ve used for years.

Holding the holster to the belt is a polymer paddle that features the WTP logo on the back and slots and wings for the belt to hook to on the front. The paddle accommodates 1.5-inch belts. I’m not normally a fan of paddle holsters, as I’ve had too many of them pop off on the draw, so I was a little concerned about this one and brought a backup holster just in case things went south. However, after over 50 draws and reholsters over four hours, I’m happy to report the paddle did its job and did not come close to coming off a single time. However, the screws that held it on did back out a little, adding a bit of undesired wiggle. A quick turn of a Philips head and everything was back to normal.

Holster on belt

If you want a holster that not only holds the gun well but also holds others’ attention as they stare at it, you’re in luck. With 28 color and design options, you’re sure to find one that fits your personality. For example, I chose the 2ndAmendment gray with white stars to show my support for why I bear arms. Other designs include the thin blue line, Spartans, flags and rifles, and several camo patterns. Or you can opt for one of seven solid colors.

After I finished the class and took off the holster, I noticed some black scratches on the white interior where the trigger guard worked its way in. Of course, the scratches were only cosmetic, but it was still a shame to scuff up a brand-new rig.

Overall, I was impressed with the We the People Optic Cut OWB holster. It did its job admirably – in fact, better than expected. At $59 on the company’s website, this holster is priced in the heart of other Kydex taco designs and worth serious consideration.



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