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Rioter Points Gun At Reporter During Kenosha Riots

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Article first appeared on Ammoland.com

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KENOSHA, WISC-(Ammoland.com)- Riots have broken out in the streets of Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the police shooting of an unarmed black man named Jacob Blake. Fires broke out across the city, and rioters flashed guns at reporters trying to cover the unrest.

According to witnesses, Blake was trying to break up a fight when police showed up to the scene. The police drew their guns and ordered Blake down to the ground. Blake ignored the order and walked away from the police to his car, where his three children were located. He continued to ignore police commands, opened his door, and reached inside.

At this point, police opened fire, hitting the 29-year-old man in the back. Blake survived, but the gunshot wounds hospitalized him. He is now paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors say it is too early to know if he will walk again. Democratic governor, Tony Evers, condemned the police shootings even before viewing the video and called in members of the national guard to protect the city from unrest. He set an 8PM curfew in the city.

After the curfew passed, protestors filled the streets of Kenosha. Rioters broke windows of local businesses, looted stores, and set fires around the city. One of the buildings that arsonists burned down was a Wisconsin department of corrections building. Rioters threw bottles and shot fireworks at police as they prevented the mob from reaching the courthouse to burn it down.

The riots were somewhat held in check, not by police or national guards, but armed citizens that showed up to protect their business and their homes from the angry crowds and black lives matter and Antifa members. These citizens managed to prevent more damage from being done by the mob but didn’t have to engage them. Their mere presence deterred the rioters.

Blaze Media reporter Elijah Schaffer of Slightly Offensive was on the scene filming the lawlessness on the streets after the curfew went into effect in the city. The reporter was interviewing rioters on why they were rioting. Schaffer has made a career of interviewing unhinged protestors on his YouTube channel.

The self-identified Black Lives Matter protestor pulled out a pistol while walking down the street, points it at the camera that Schaffer was holding, and seems to pull the trigger. In the video, Schaffer posted to his Twitter account there is an audible click heard from the gun before the protestor sticks the firearm back into his pocket.

“HOLY SH*#: while interviewing this #BLM rioter in Kenosha [sic] he pulls out a real pistol and points it at my camera while explaining what we would do to cops if they rolled up on us right now,” Schaffer tweeted out via the social media platform.

“It’s been a while since I had a gun pointed at me even if it was just to make a point,” the reporter added.

According to Schaffer, the rioter was showing what he would do if the police showed up to the protest. The reporter backed off that protesters but continued to show the destruction around the city by the angry rioters.

AmmoLand reached out to Schafer, but as of this writing, he has not returned our request for comment. The city has placed the police officers involved in the Blake shooting on administrative leave.

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