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“School Grounds Carry” Where is the NRA?

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Article first appeared at Ammoland.com

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Ammoland – On wednesday, Jan. 20th, the NRA e-blasted the following NRA-ILA alert here in Wisconsin:

These democrat bills have ZERO chance of passing, but the NRA is out there shining a spotlight on them in a mass email blast/alert.

AT THE SAME TIME, we have a “School Grounds Carry” bill being circulated for co-sponsors by Sen. Lazich that would insulate us all from a FELONY if we drop off our kids at school armed (or even pull a u-turn in a school parking lot on a Sunday afternoon)… and that DOES have a chance of passing IF people call their legislators and the NRA hasn’t said a word about it.

Why is the NRA expending resources to alert people to bills that have ZERO chance of passing while saying NOTHING about a bill that makes us SAFER, our KIDS safer, and removes an insane provision of WI law that could make a mom or a dad an ‘accidental felon’?????

Contact the NRA. Ask them to step up to the plate for Wisconsin CCL holders.

Email NRA Wisconsin Field Rep. Scott Taetsch: [email protected] and NRA Regional Director Chad Franklin: [email protected]

Carry On,

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

About Wisconsin Carry, Inc.:

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and reclamation of the rights of law-abiding Wisconsin residents to carry in the manner of their choosing. We believe that “open carry” and “concealed carry” are choices to be made by law-abiding citizens based on their situation and preference. Wisconsin Carry, like many gun-rights organizations in Wisconsin, is investing a great deal of resources to get Wisconsin law changed to allow concealed carry this next legislative session by proposing Constitutional Carry. Wisconsin Carry, Inc. will continue to use legal recourse to deter unlawful treatment of law-abiding Wisconsin residents who currently exercise their right to open carry, and soon will exercise their right to concealed carry in Wisconsin.

For more information, visit: www.WisconsinCarry.org.

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