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She’s In Jail Because Gun Inside Purse Went Off

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- USA Today reports on 05-26-2017 in Jackson, Mississippi, Story Headline “She’s in jail after dropping purse — because gun inside it went off”

A 58 year old woman from Philadelphia, Mississippi was in Lakeland Family Medicine Center on the University of Mississippi Medical Center campus Thursday when she had a mishap.

The woman dropped her purse and the gun inside it discharged. Another woman waiting in a doctor’s office was wounded by the bullet. An ambulance transported the victim, whose name was not released, to the nearby hospital’s emergency room. Her wound to the leg is not believed to be life threatening.

Mississippi has one of the most permissive gun laws across the USA, allowing a person “constitutional carry” privileges of having a concealed firearm without a state-issued permit. However, the building where the incident occurred had signs outside forbidding firearms on the premises.

She was charged with three misdemeanors – possession of a stolen firearm, carrying a concealed weapon and simple assault according to the jail website. Campus police arrested the “shooter” and booked her into the Hinds County Detention Center.


Only main stream left media would present such a story as a firearm issue. Another victim shot in a gun accident?

Later in my paraphrased story above, U S News points out the woman’s a prohibited felon with a stolen firearm. No doubt the facility was also a posted “Gun Free Zone

Typical of anti gun media. Just reading the headline by this reporter, Harold Gater, and you would think it was a careless gun owner, instead of a convicted felon…

Just read the headlines and you think it was a careless gun owner, instead of a convicted felon! What kind of gun fires inside a dropped purse anyway? Makes me think there is more to the story.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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