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South African Horror Aided by Gun Owner Control Policies

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- “They were tortured with a blow torch and knives,” a chilling Middleburg Observer report about a South African farm attack relates. “A plastic bag was stuffed down Sue’s throat and they attempted to strangle Robert with a black bag around his neck.

“They drove from the Mash Land farm through Belfast towards Stoffberg. In the pass Sue was shot in the head twice before her attackers dragged her into the field next to the road,” the story elaborates. “A few metres further it was Robert’s turn. His attackers aimed for his head, pulled the trigger and pushed him out of the vehicle.”

“In any other country, such a crime would be almost unthinkable. But in South Africa, these kinds of farm attacks are happening nearly every day,” Fox News observes in a follow-up report. “This year so far, there have been more than 70 attacks and around 25 murders in similar attacks on white farmers.”

“Official statistics on farm attacks are non-existent, due to what human rights groups have described as a ‘cover-up’ by the notoriously corrupt — and potentially complicit — South African government,” the report concludes, linking to a new Middleburg Observer report:

‘Bury them alive!’: White South Africans fear for their future as horrific farm attacks escalate

That’s an interesting choice of targets. And it’s an interesting admission about the government. Because complicity is more than “potential,” especially when they’re egging on the violence and you then factor in their anti-gun edicts.

“The regulation of guns in South Africa is categorised as restrictive,” GunPolicy.org notes. While the website, a project of the Sydney School of Public Health, is decidedly on the side of such restrictions, and globally, it nonetheless provides an accurate picture of gun laws form around the world (or at least it did until funding to keep it updated ran out).

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And it’s those very laws – the ones criminals ignore – that catch peaceable gun owners in their nets.  Gun Owners of South Africa, a group dedicated to defending what’s left of firearm owner rights, documents the way the “law-abiding” are harassed. Essentially because of registration and licensing, the government knows who they are and what they have. And who to go after.

So we see routine examples of gun owners in serious legal jeopardy because they failed to renew licenses in time. And we see the predictable antis, such as the aptly-named Gun-Free South Africa, endorse prosecuting a woman for defending herself against an armed repeat offender – because she used her partner’s gun:

“Allowing somebody who does not have a license to use your firearm and use it for their own self-defence will definitely fall under Section 103, where you will be declared unfit to own a gun.”

That’s consistent with a report I wrote back in 2001 quoting a South African Safety and Security official admitting “the laws have nothing to do with criminals. It is a waste of time to make laws to stop criminals. The purpose of this bill is to make it as difficult as possible for people to own licensed firearms and to reduce the number of firearms already licensed.”

And as the (now dissolved) New National Party observed, the laws being enacted would ensure:

“No firearm may be used for self-defence unless licenced for that purpose (s16, s17, s18, and s19). If under personal attack whilst only in possession of a firearm licenced for a non-defensive purpose, the individual would, in fact, be committing an offence by using it to defend him/herself;”

So it’s no surprise that the government’s gun registry has turned out to be a corrupt “black hole” with “no visible impact on crime.” Or that “visible impact” does come from untold thousands of guns “stolen” from police.  And speaking of that, it’s not unfair to wonder who’s doing the stealing, and how many officers have decided they need an after-work gun.

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It’s also no surprise that one group hampered by “progressive” policies from defending itself consists of South African lesbians being gang-raped to “cure” them. Or that today’s increase in attacks was preceded in recent years by “road pirates.”

“The murder rate increased from 32.9 in 2014/15 to 33.9 in 2015/16,” Africa Check reports. “This means there were nearly 34 murders recorded per 100,000 people in the country.”

Compare that to five per 100,000 in the United States per the World Bank, citing the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s International Homicide Statistics database.

Give it a few years. That is, if those bent on culturally terraforming our country with a “progressive’ majority and disarming its citizens are allowed to prevail. We who oppose that may then find ourselves facing “leadership” like that exhibited by South African Marxist thug President Jacob Zuma, singing songs like “Shoot the Farmer, Kill the Boer” and demanding land be confiscated from whites without compensation — as his colleagues call for a more final solution.

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