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Superior Court Upholds Conviction of Former Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen Kane

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Former Pennsylvania State Attorney General Kathleen Kane was convicted nearly two years ago of illegally leaking grand jury records and then lying about it.  Though she appealed her case, a Pennsylvania Appeals Court has upheld the decision reached by the jury.

Kane, 51, was the first woman and first Democrat to be elected to the office of Attorney General.  I’d say that’s probably a teachable moment for citizens of Pennsylvania.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

In its unanimous 23-page opinion, the three-judge Superior Court panel made quick work of one of Kane’s arguments — that the special prosecutor who first built the case against her lacked legal legitimacy. The panel noted that the state Supreme Court had rebuffed Kane on that score even before her conviction.

The panel also rejected Kane’s claim that she should have been permitted to bring up a pornography scandal in her office as part of her defense. The judges said that Montgomery County Court Judge Wendy Demchick, who presided over Kane’s 2016 trial, was right to block that as irrelevant.

Kane was accused of leaking grand jury material in a vendetta against former prosecutors in her office. In a complex argument, she said she wanted to tell jurors that she was aware that those prosecutors had received pornographic emails on the job but that she had not used that knowledge against them. This restraint, she said, showed she had not been engaging in a vendetta. But Demchick said mentioning porn would have pointlessly and unfairly inflamed the jury.

The Superior Court panel consisted of a Democrat, Anne E. Lazarus, who wrote the opinion, and two Republicans, William Platt and Paula F. Ott.

Kane, who is facing a 10-23 month sentence, is currently out on a $75,000 bail following her conviction in 2016.  She lost her law license in 2015.

This must come as a shock to all the anti-Second Amendment people who voted to put her in office.

Guns.com reminds us that it was those kinds of people that propelled her to the AG slot.

Kane came to office with the support of both national and local gun control advocates and in her brief time as AG moved to impose new restrictions on firearms and carry rights.

Benefitting from at least $600,000 in funding from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Independence USA PAC that went to a series of statewide ad buys on the subject of gun control, the Democrat promised to tighten restrictions on concealed carry reciprocity agreements if elected.

“Kane received a perfect score on CeaseFirePA’s questionnaire,” noted the group in their 2012 endorsement. “In particular Kane has committed to a review of all concealed carry reciprocity agreements currently in place between Pennsylvania and other states, including Florida, and renegotiating or terminating those that do not meet Pennsylvania’s standards.”

After she made it to the office, Kane kept her promise and severed reciprocity with a number of states shortly after she was elected. Kane then added her name to a list of state attorneys general opposing federal right to carry laws. The move was celebrated by CeaseFirePA and other gun control groups.

When it came to Pennsylvania’s Act 192, which allowed member groups such as the NRA to stand in for individuals on lawsuits against local municipalities over gun control ordinances in excess of state law, Kane stood aside in 2014 when the law was itself challenged, declining to defend it. The law went on to be overturned.

Well, what can you say?  If a person seeks office and they are promising to violate their oath of office and attack your rights, is it any surprise that they would engage in other criminal activity?  Not to me, it isn’t.

However, I’m glad to see that some people are still holding those in public office accountable for their crimes.

Kane could ask a 9-member court to hear another appeal, but the court is not obligated to do so.

Should she be denied further appeals or lose them, she will join about 350 other female prisoners in the county prison in Eagleville.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media.

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