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Techna Clip Continues to Innovate the World of Concealed Carry

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Techna Clip just released five new patent pending conceal carry gun belt clips for the Smith and Wesson J-Frame, 1911 FULL SIZE Models, 1911 Commander/Defender Models, the Kel-Tec P3AT and a new and improved clip that fits Glock models.

Even the best conceal carry holsters add unnecessary bulk and weight, and this can be exasperating for those who carry a handgun each day. Techna Clips offer an excellent alternative for carrying a gun that is much more comfortable. Gun belt clips also make any handgun easier to truly conceal when in public.

Techna Clip is constantly searching for ways to improve their product. The popular GLOCK MODEL Techna Clip has now been redesigned to offer a deeper option for concealed carry for your favorite Glock! The new Glock model design also features a new design that adds grip and makes it much easier to rack the slide.

Company spokesman, Jonathan Turnbow, said, “We take our customer requests very seriously. We have had countless requests for these models and we are extremely pleased to have them AVAILABLE for our customers.”

About Techna Clip:

Techna Clip manufactures gun belt clips that aid in CONCEALED Carry; they make these clips for a wide range of gun models. The user also has the ability to get to their weapon quickly and easily if an emergency arises. Techna Clips are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

FOR MORE INFORMATION visit: www.TechnaClip.com.


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