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Tegra Arms Cuts Prices of Carbon Fiber AR-15 Lower Receivers in Half

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Article first appeared at Ammo Land.

Orem, Utah-(Ammoland.com)- Tegra Arms, a pioneer in carbon fiber AR-15 lower receivers just announced a significant price adjustment on their remarkably lightweight lowers.

Weighing in at 3.65 ounces, Tegra’s carbon fiber-reinforced composite lower receiver has been the favorite of thousands of rifle enthusiasts looking for a lighter solution without sacrificing strength and reliability -and they just became much more affordable. Throughout the last year, Tegra has refined their manufacturing processes as well as negotiated pricing on raw materials. The outcome has been a significant savings in costs which they are passing on to the consumer. The previous MSRP was $80 and they have announced the new MSRP at only $40 which consumers will start to see, effective June 9th. You may also see a 3-pack for $99 option which is unheard of in the industry. Their no-questions-asked lifetime warranty will remain in place, reaffirming their commitment to their customers and their quality.

Ryan Clarke, CEO commented, “We have worked very hard to significantly bring down our costs while actually improving our final product. At the end of the day, we decided our commitment to the firearms industry and our customers tops our need to retain the additional profits that these improvements have added to our business. We hope that by offering our lower receivers at these prices, more people will have the opportunity to get into shooting sports and exercise our second amendment rights to own and safely enjoy firearms.”

Tegra Arms Carbon Fiber AR-15 Lower Receivers
Tegra Arms Carbon Fiber AR-15 Lower Receivers

Similar to the way backpackers get very particular about counting each ounce of gear that they carry, many shooters in both competition and recreation are now counting ounces when it comes to building their custom AR-15 rifles and pistols. This is where a Tegra lower comes in. By offering a lower receiver that weighs half of what a typical aluminum lower weighs, Tegra is helping enthusiasts get a great start to a high-quality lightweight build. The new $40 MSRP of these lowers will also leave extra room in the pocketbook for other lightweight parts that typically cost a premium to be so light.

Tegra Arms is located in Orem, Utah. You can see more information about their products on their website, www.tegraarms.com You can reach them via email at [email protected]

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